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Sound bytes inside Purgatory Road

Started by LaraMoon, Thu, 2005-01-27, 16:17:04

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Hi!   :)

I've been trying to ID the sound bytes heard in Purgatory Road...  The 2nd one was easy because the audio is real good  - of course, it also helps that I've seen 'From the Earth to the Moon' a few times.  ;)  Mind you, it took a few times before I could really hear the dialog, I didn't get that from the first time I heard the song.  *lol*

For those wondering, it's from the Christmas Eve tv broadcast live from Apollo 8. Frank Borman reading a part of the book of Genesis:

But wat's the first one?  I couldn't exactly figure out...  I'm thinking it Neil Armstrong just before he walked on the moon but I'm not able to make enough of the dialog to be sure.  It sounds like he's saying "I'm on the porch" so that would make sense in the context of the first lunar landing...  Is that it?

Thanks!  :)


Ah Miss Moon.... you are correct  :)
the first section is Mr. Armstrong just about to land on the moon ('I'm on the porch' etc etc).
Mick and I both love that effect of 'space talk' and music... it's just a great atmosphere...


Not actually to do with soundbytes but there also seems to be an obviously link between Purgatory Road and War of the Worlds - to do with the martians landing on London town and the general Victorian thread?

I'd imagine the Jeff Wayne incarnation would be a particular favourite album of your's Clive?

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