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Author Topic: Arena - Zoetermeer October 17 th with paul and John Jowitt  (Read 2197 times)

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Hi There,

The show was GREAT! A real party. Here's the set list:

Bedlam Fayre
Midas Vision
Smoke and Mirrors
Purgatory Road
Witch hunt
An Angels Falls
Painted Man
Waiting for the flood
The Shattered Room
City Of Lanterns
Riding the Tide
Skin game
The Butterfly Man
Enemy Without
With Paul Wrightson and John Jowitt:
A Crack In The Ice
The Hanging Tree
A State Of Grace
Party with lots of people on stage (crew and band + special guests)
Crying For Help VII

We will have an exclusive interview with Paul and John on teh Cage Page soon. There's a great photo on teh site now!
If you have made any photo's please send them to The Cage (address on the website)

It was great to meet up with some old friends again!

All the best
The Cage

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Re: Arena - Zoetermeer October 17 th with paul and John Jowitt
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 2005-10-17, 14:12:56 »
Not to be a partypooper, but there are already some topic's about this.

(And it was the 16th ;))