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New old pix on my homepage

Started by Oliver Twist, Mon, 2005-04-18, 20:22:05

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Oliver Twist

I picked up a film scanner at a car boot sale the other week. Finally had some time to fiddle with it and software. Here are a few of the test shots.

The one of my flat was from a 35mm colour negative - taken this year before building work to give us somewhere to put wastebins and a sort of front porch/garden/whatever area. As you can see certain lazy bastards leave their crap at the top of the ramp. That's when they're not starting chip pan fires - see top left flat :-(

The old band ones were slides that have been sat in a drawer since 1972(?)

My dad has tons of slides so over the next few months I'll be scanning them and burning them to CD etc. I'll put a few select ones on my homepage. The go back to the sixties and cover things like our garden (my dad is a gardening nut) holidays in Italy etc.


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Argl, those haircuts were really....ugly!  :D
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Cool stuff OT!  I love looking at old photos like that, and glad to see that your family's dress sense from that period is just as stunning as what my lot were wearing!

Is Hannah your daughter?  She is adorable.  Love seeing cute kiddy pics like that.  I have a month-old niece of the same name, and no doubt there will be loads of pics like that over the next few years as she grows and develops.
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