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The Shattered Room - What are your interests?

Started by Peter, Fri, 2015-10-09, 10:52:11

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When you come to the Shattered Room, what's the reason?

I want to read about ARENA and news on what they're doing
54 (75%)
I want to find listening suggestions
27 (37.5%)
I want to be part of a community of like-minded people
30 (41.7%)
I want to share my opinions on what's going on in the world of rock
13 (18.1%)
Amusement - sharing fun with other roomies!
14 (19.4%)

Total Members Voted: 72

Voting closed: Thu, 2015-10-29, 09:52:11


You can edit your vote by clicking "REMOVE VOTE" and voting again.
Let's see where this leads us to. If you have suggestions about other reasons to come here, please share, I'll add them.
Arriving somewhere, but not here....


Amusement - sharing fun with other roomies!  *ola*
...Is this just a dream I'm in?

~~Drallion official Facebook page:~~

<- Click the planet to go to Twitter @Keyboardistmatt


...Is this just a dream I'm in?

~~Drallion official Facebook page:~~

<- Click the planet to go to Twitter @Keyboardistmatt


Arriving somewhere, but not here....


Honestly, one of the greatest bands I've ever had the supreme pleasure of learning about.
Real music for people who can hear and understand the meaning behind what real music is.
Always helped me through tough times and will continue to do so.
I will always do my best to spread the word about this amazing band - music meant for the truly thinking mind.
A big inspiration. I LOVE Arena - Arena will be a part of myself for my entire life.
Please continue and please inform me of any movement within the band.
I hope to see you live one day - being from the US it isn't so easy but I'm sure it will happen one day because it would be a special day of my life. I owe you much - thank you and keep it coming!


It has been some years tat I've visited the shattered room, so much things to do too less time
I didn't vote about info about Arena, it is easier to see their site and wait for the announcement of a new cd.
It is nice to see the people who I meet before again such as Appelmoes ho is he doing nowadays?
And sometimes to hear from the bandmembers themselves explanation and recommendation
Walk along the Waterfall, watching as the world turns red
Wonder where the river flows, and the blood on the River bed
Poison lies to close to us, Reach across the salt and Sand
Moving Deeper into the Land


'I will surrender my heart to the sky
Oh, our love doesn't end here, it lives forever on the wings of time'
Toto - Wings of time (Kingdom of Desire)


Voted for all of them. But especially 2 and 3. These are the nicest bunch of people on the net. I tried ProgArchives' forum but to many progsnobs there.
Of course I came for news on Arena when I joined back in 2005. But forums aren't an optimal format for that. Forums are for community.


I clicked them all but to be honest PH sumed up my thoughts pretty well above  :)


I was quite happy that I could vote for all the choices. ;)

Even though lately I am personally not very active on forums in general anymore, some of which have been shut down unfortunately, The Room is a place where kindred spirits can share their thoughts about any kind of band, not only Arena.
That what makes it such a great place, seriously. ;)

I hardly ever visit the Arena site for news, I tend to read the news on sides like DPRP or Progwereld and such.

And indeed, forums are for the community, the fans though it has shifted more and more to FB in the last few years.
Because FB can and is used as a global kind of forum, you have to cut your way through various groups which, especially when you are a member of a rather large amount of groups, makes it a bit more chaotic.

It's understandable that Clive and co. uses FB a lot more for updates, simply because you can reach a lot more people through FB than through forums.

Cause of Injury: Lack of Adhesive Ducks.