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Author Topic: Draddi  (Read 3074 times)

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« on: Tue, 2005-01-18, 18:46:18 »
Let's see, well, I have to admit, I am not nearly as diversified as Peter is, I found my way to Prog more or less from the Metal side, so I guess my favourites won't surprise you guys (and girls).

Ok, let's get started (in no particular order):

- Dream Theater (told ya, no big surprise)
- Savatage
- Anathema
- Fates Warning
- Skunk Anansie
- Marillion
- Arena
- Deep Purple
- Metallica until "Load"
- Sylvan
- Spock's Beard / Neal Morse
- Pink Floyd
- Anthrax
- Armored Saint

ok, I have to think about the Rest, I will update it soon  ;D

Now, let's continue with Albums, that are important to me, made an impact or simply are connected with incredible memories  :D ones,  >:( ones and  :'( ones, so all of them tell a special story, and maybe I will tell them to you someday  ;)

- David Gray: "White Ladder"
- Skunk Anansie: "Post Orgasmic Chill"
- Bon Jovi: "New Jersey"
- Marillion "Misplaced Childhood"
- Megadeth "So far, so good, so what ?"
- Dream Theater "Images & Words"
- City of Angels Soundtrack
- Candlemass "Tales of Creation"
- Fates Warning "A pleasant Shade of Gray"

ok, so far for today, more soon...See ya !!

, then continue with the ones I experienced in my teenie days and still