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Author Topic: Manning Announced For RoSfest 2010  (Read 1976 times)

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Manning Announced For RoSfest 2010
« on: Sat, 2009-08-01, 07:55:45 »
RoSfest is pleased to announce Manning. This eight piece band led by maestro Guy Manning will be playing the second slot on Saturday May 1st. The band Manning has been around since 1999, formed around the prodigiously talented singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Guy Manning. Having previously been an associate of prog legends Parallel or 90 Degrees and being a founding member of the internationally respected, The Tangent, Guy has an impressive record of releasing ten studio albums in ten years! Manning produce an eclectic mix of music which broadly falls within the "progressive" genre, but in reality spans many different musical forms from beautiful ballads and folk-tinged songs through to awesome all-out rock workouts and true progressive epics - no two songs sound the same! The band is currently experiencing a surge of interest and support, with the previous album "Songs From The Bilston House" having been nominated for Album of the Year by the Classic Rock Society (CRS) and a series of storming headline gigs in support of the latest and critically acclaimed album "Number Ten".