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Author Topic: Pendragon - Pure  (Read 3405 times)

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Pendragon - Pure
« on: Fri, 2008-10-24, 21:40:37 »
I think this is the appropriate section for this (mostly because a certain Clive is playing the keys on it  ;D)  so let's fire at will:

What do we think of the new Pendragon Album called Pure?

To be short:

It's marvellous!

When Believe was released i kind of hesitated to buy the album because for me, nothing could ever top Not Of This World, not even The Masquerade Overture and The World.
And to be honest: i was a bit disappointed with Believe.  :-\
Maybe i expected a Not Of This World pt II or something like that but Believe somehow didn't connect with me.

The new album, however really does!
Nick Barrett already said that it would be a different album and it might even surprise some people and indeed: it's not quite the Pendragon we know or knew.

I definitely think that Pendragon can be proud of this album. It's Pendragon but not as we know it and that makes it so good.

Great tracks for me are Indigo, the Comatose suite and It's Only Me.

So ...

And what do you lot think of it? 

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Re: Pendragon - Pure
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 2008-10-25, 19:28:47 »
I agree, love this album. It's too early to call it their best, but it could be. Indeed better than Believe, my personal favourite till now is 'The Window of Life'. Favourite tracks from Pure: Indigo, It's Only Me, The Freakshow, Comatose Suite. But there's no weak track on this album. Big compliments to Pendragon, highly recommended! It's definitely their most heavy album, thanks to the power of the new drummer Scott Higham. It rocks  *horns*.
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Re: Pendragon - Pure
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 2008-10-27, 11:53:59 »
It's definitely their most heavy album, thanks to the power of the new drummer Scott Higham.

It sure is their most heavy album to date, but I don't think that's only because of the new drummer. There are a lot more (heavy) guitar-riffs to be heard here than on your average Pendragon album up to this point.

Hmm by the way, I really like Nick's playing on this album, it's so diverse. From the heavy riffing to the almost Knopfler-like guitarsolo's...just amazing! I think he's among the best in the scene these days. :)

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Pure-Believe = Immortal?-The Visitor
« Reply #3 on: Sun, 2008-11-16, 08:43:12 »
This is my whole conclusion to compare Arena album and Pendragon latest works.
The different is, 'Pure' can heal 'believe' that for me is the low works by pendragon.
However, 'Immortal?' presence after the magnificient album.
Both of them are harder than previous album.
Nick barrett shows many heavy riff. And the opener songs really Rock!!