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Author Topic: Stazionne Birra  (Read 2937 times)

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Stazionne Birra
« on: Sun, 2008-04-13, 02:15:26 »
Just wanted to say what a stunning performance by the band at Stazionna Birra on Tuesday last. In the middle of absolutely nowhere! It pissed down with rain all the day and then all the of the night. You guys gave everything. We were just 3 English guys on a mission to see one of their favourite bands do the business. We weren't dissapointed!! The house PA did you justice in the end. A great set amidst the Steak and Chips!! Thank you Clive for the sweeping melodies delivered with unerring accuracy, John for the genius guitar work (as the Frost album) and harmonies. Ian for the stunning looking Bass and awesome plec'd bass lines (and the heart thumping and timely bass pedals). Rob...Wow! You give everything as always. Pitch perfect and totally believable. Mr. Mick Pointer. Faultless, accurate and solid. A true heart beat! Thank you Arena. Long may you Rain!!
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Re: Stazionne Birra
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 2008-04-13, 11:18:49 »
great :)
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Re: Stazionne Birra
« Reply #2 on: Sun, 2008-04-13, 12:13:32 »
Good that you had so much fun, Smolley.  8)

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