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Clive & friends - House Gig - Voorburg, Netherlands - 14th October 2023

Started by erik, Wed, 2023-09-27, 16:07:26

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Clive & friends will be doing a House Gig on October 14th:

QuoteWant to know about what happens backstage with Arena... or Pendragon?
Want to know what I do with songs that I write at night?
Want to learn a few secrets about the next Arena album?
Want to hear about the ongoing ups and downs to make the 'Alchemy' movie, and meet the star of that film?
Want an exclusive chance to hear some songs that are not yet released?
Oh yes... want to hear some songs performed live?

I'll be doing a HOUSE GIG in Voorburg, Netherlands on 14th October (Details below)...
I would love to share some time with you!
Your support would be most welcome.

Tickets and details: https://fb.me/e/LhjokeFs
We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes..