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any plans on September 12th?

Started by johan cools, Sat, 2008-04-19, 12:21:50

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johan cools

Hello guys of Arena,
thanks to a colleague of mine, I got to know your music...and it was a real hit, from day 1.
Listening to the albums The visitor, Immortal?, contagion and Peppers' host opened another dimension in my world of music.
As a younger man/boy I was open for all kinds of music...from Black Sabbath to Pink Floyd, Genisis to U2...even disco and other kinds of dancemusic....I enjoy it all, as long as it doesn't get too fanatic/hard.
Through the years though, getting older& married with children and stuff...I lost feeling with music in general. The only band that I kept on following is U2, because they keep on surprising me in changing of style.
Anyway, getting to know your music caused a complete deadlock on other music => I have to force myself to listen to other music or even the radio.
Watching you guys play in Ittervoort was only confirming to me that you guys are on top of the world for me!

Now, this got me thinking about something...September 12th, in ICC Gent/Belgium, we have a 2 young artists that will be released too the press & other media. As the costs are extremely high to get this show on the road, they have been searching for sponsors...
I started thinking in another way...instead of looking for sponsors, maybe we should involve another band and look at things in another perspective.
The idea: let's say these 2 young artists do their performance first and that a band like Arena has the main gig. Everything (sound, lights,...) is taken care of by the organizing party. Young artists can play before a greater audience and the media...and than also arena can enjoy the presence of the media. Add the fact that ICC is a place for +-1500 people, which means +-4 times the crowd of Ittervoort...According to my limited braincapacity, this is a win-win-win situation! 2 happy young artists, a filled concerthall for ARENA and me being incredibly happy to see you guys perform again. Might be even a good opportunity to release some new songs...as you told you are working on!
Next step: if you guys are interested to play...please contact me on "vivijo@pandora.be". Because I need to get in contact with the people who organize this evening. Meanwhile, to make you curious about 1 of the artists "Rosie Pearl", you can have a look on "my space".
Please use this link: "http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=245945028"
Hoping to hear from you!


Let's give this topic a boost again.
Perhaps someone can send Clive a mail? Peter?

I hope for you that something satisfactory will come out of it.



Quote from: PH on Tue, 2008-04-29, 11:02:08
Let's give this topic a boost again.

It's rather head over heels. Can anyone explain to us what it's about ?

So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me

johan cools

Yes, Clive & company, this is serious. I want you guys to play in Gent!!
I don't know how to proceed though!
But we are running out of time, because contracts are getting signed...
I 've never done anything like this before and can use some help on this!

Please hurry


Well... that certainly seems interesting.

The only problem is that right now I am in Argentina promoting the 'She' opera, so it's a little hard for me to wear the 'Arena hat'.
I can tell you that there are no plans for Arena to tour again until there is a new album... which is the only way I think we could fill such a large venue (and it is rather large for us - we have been known to get to about 800 in the audience in Holland).
I see you have a time problem, which is a shame, because i would be happy to explore possibilities,.... however.. I can't do much from here! I do get occasional access to the internet (like now!)... so please do let me know your thoughts...


johan cools

Thanks for reponding too my cry for help...
Now, my thoughts are as descibed in the topic above. If "ARENA" will consider the gig, I can put you in contact with the organizing party.
Is there another way of discussing the details, like an e-mail adress...?
Hoping to read your answer...
        Johan :D

johan cools

Hello again Clive & co,
I explained my idea/proposal to the responsible guys of the event. Sorry to say, but they don't think it is opportunate to go ahead with this!  :-[The musis styles are completely different and should attract different kinds of audiance...whatever :o
Conclusion:  >:(a few nasty 4-lettre words cross my mind...no go for the win-win-win-scenario!! :(
Result: I rest my case and am definitely & anxiously waiting for your next tour :-*

Regards, Johan