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Where do you buy your replacement jewel cases?

Started by PH, Mon, 2013-11-18, 12:46:29

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Where do you buy your replacement jewel cases?

I have quite a few cd cases that are (sometimes badly) damaged. So I would like to replace them. I bought empty jewel cases in a dutch shop (V&D) but I was very disappointed by the bad quality. It felt so cheap, that I decided to just throw it away. >:(

There are a lot of shops on the internet that sell these kind of things, but to avoid more disappointment, I'd like a personal recommendation by someone who actually bought it and is happy with it.

So, do you know of some (web)shops that actually sell good jewel cases? ;)


Jewel Cases Conrad.

Must admit that I hardly buy new empty cases, mine are still quite alright but I have a few spare ones from old pc games and bought some on the black market. (zwarte beurs, Vleuten).

But a while back I bought 10 single jewel cases and 10 2cd jewel cases at Conrad.nl and I was happy with the service and delivery.
Don't know if the price is cheap or not, maybe others know that better than me.
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Thanks Mad! That seems alright. They're not too expensive.

Are these cd cases of the same quality as the original ones? Because the ones I bought at V&D a while ago, were of some kind of weird plastic material which was not good at all... They were kinda hard to open and they broke pretty quickly.

But from what I can see in the photos, they seem to be OK.

But more recommendations are welcome! Keep 'm comin'!