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New Hogweed Song

Started by Constable Hogweed, Sat, 2006-12-02, 07:29:46

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Constable Hogweed

I have just uploaded a new song to audiostreet, I would welcome feedback from you guys and gals because it is a bit different this time....sorta psychedelic mixed with Lennon and Camel ( or so i have been told anyway )
The production is not all it could be ( Mann i really need Alan parsons )
Hope you like it...or a bit of it anyway
The song is called  "the Twelfth Dream" and deals with a recurring dream i once had that tormented the hell out of me



I downloaded this on Sunday and thought that when I first heard it that it would need a few listens through to get a true opinion. After hearing it several times I have to say this is the best thing you've done yet. So when does the album come out? ;D

Constable Hogweed

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you Johninblack  :-[
It's been pretty hectic this december ( Like every December ) I have the "Beyond" home recorded CD already available  :) 
"The Twelfth Dream" is from the projected 2007 CD ( again home recorded - When are those nice Arena boys gonna invite me to "Thin Ice" for a budget recording  ;) ;D )
I have 3 songs so far "The Twelfth Dream"  "Disastral" and  "Lair Of The Succubus"
as well as a christmas song i wrote and recorded in little more than an hour on a pretty pissed christmas eve, which can be heard at Myspace, called "The Spirit Of Christmas"  :)
Hope your christmas was a goodie.....and a BIG HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!  :)