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Started by funkster, Tue, 2016-06-28, 13:45:29

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A thread for albums you thought you would love but alas you just cannot enjoy

A couple of recent ones for me -

Katatonia - Fall of hearts. Just too similar to the last few albums so no progression
Haken - Affinity. Not clicked with me yet and not a patch on the Mountain
Frost - nah , not enjoying the new one sorry   


Good idea for a thread. Let me think about this one for a while!


Quote from: funkster on Tue, 2016-06-28, 13:45:29
Frost - nah , not enjoying the new one sorry
+1 (so far). Most anticipated 2016 release for me, but although it grows with each listening, I would have expected much more! I doubt it will make it to my top-3 at the end of the year ::). I like the Huis and Airbag releases more.
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So far, the last Dream Theater album is a major disappointment.

Also, the Gazpacho compilation -Introducing Gazpacho- which I bought to try this band at last doesn't excite me much. It's not that big of a surprise for their music is often compared to recent Marillion but still ...  I am giving it another listen right now and the first song of the CD 2 -Dream of Stone- sounds pretty good, in some sort of an early Porcupine Tree style. The second song Orion I is even better and the third one Snowman seems cool too so maybe the whole thing will click (should I have started with CD 2 ?  :o  :)) ?  I know that Gazpacho has many huge fans here so there must be a reason.

In the category "old is not always good and it can even be very bad", I purchased a double CD reedition of GTR's first album and the result is not far from appalling. Apart from the two singles, and especially The Hunter written by Geoff Downes who was not even a band member, there is not much to listen to  :P Think of a very bland Asia to get the picture. The worst comes from the "bonus" CD which features a terribly sounding live set.


Oh, I had a few alright.

One that springs to mind is Apple Pie, a prog band from Russia.
I introduced this band to the Room but when I listened to the album a couple of times I noticed that the singer does better when he sings in Russian, because his English is really awful and the lyrics are terribly written.
The music is good however, very Spockish', but not good enough to be reminded.

Another one that is the first album of Subsignal, Beautiful and Monstrous.
I enjoyed listening to Arno when he was the singer of the German band Sieges Even.
The first album I heard from that band was The Art of Navigating by the Stars, which is a very good album, probably the best of that year, 2005.
This album however is not what I expected to be. Their later albums are better, though they don't match the quality of Sieges Even, which is more metal, and more Rush-like.

U2 is a band, not prog I know, a band which I am a fan of since I heard the song New Year's Day.
It is undenieable true that when you're in the 'business' for so long, you release one or two albums that people will consider as your weakest or one of your weakest.
After the stunning album The Joshua Tree, a trip in history ;), they did alright but they never were able to come to TJT, probably the pinnacle of their career.
All That You Can't Leave Behind I consider as one of their weakest albums, How To Make an Atomic Bomb has its moments, it's enjoyable but not high in U2-standards.
Pop is also a proof of a derailed U2-train.

That's it for now. ;)
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