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partitures of Arena

Started by moviedrome, Fri, 2009-05-15, 04:34:55

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hi, i am a new member of this forum of my facourite band:Arena. i speak spanish so my english is not well...i have 15 years old and i am a fanatic of Arena.
i play guitar and i always try to play Arena s`song, but many songs are really hard to play only listening this songs..so....someone of you know any place, page or whatever than have partiture or tablatures of Arena for guitar?

bye and thanks

Draco chimera

Hi there, welcome to the Room !  :)
You'll be able to find some there : http://shattered-room.net/index.php?topic=654.0
Take a look at the Musician's Corner of the forum, there are some partitures there.
Let your conscience decide !