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Author Topic: What a bloody prat!  (Read 3660 times)

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What a bloody prat!
« on: Sun, 2006-08-27, 15:48:50 »
Hi people, I wonder if anybody anyone owns an E-mu Esynth Ultra that can help me...

Yesterday, while moveing a bunch of samples to a different area of the sampler's hard disk drive, I found I had to delete some of the 'presets' in order to make the new bank of sounds. 8)

In doing this I somehow managed to delete 212 of the 499 ESynth ROM presets as well before I realised what I was doing! (It was because of a particular button combination that I had got used to and pressed too many times...) >:(

Note that only the preset sound data was deleted (all 212 of 'em) NOT the actual samples, (thank f***)!

Now, if anybody can point me in the direction of a way to restore these presets easily without me having to manually rebuild the ESynth ROM bank (which is probably what I'll end up doing...!) I'd be very appreciative.  Normally I wouldn't bother, but those presets come in handy. :-\

I can't believe I've done this again!  A few months back I managed to completely wipe everything from my Kawai K1r module, and had to reprogram everything from scratch!! ::)
...Is this just a dream I'm in?

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