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pa peppers ghost tonight

Started by vic, Tue, 2005-02-01, 07:36:26

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hi tune in to radiofrontiers.com as we celebrate arenas new album released today.

my show starts at 7pm est 1st hour some jazz fusion mostly fusion show wit hprog thrown in tim to time

2nd hour requests

3rd hour the featured album  arena peppers ghost at around 905 est

show called 2sides of the mirror every tuesday at 7pm est irc number is frontiers shadowfire irc server.


I hope you're going to return soon, DJ :)

Just saw a link to another project similar to ProgAid, this time obviously lead by Spock's Beard and their community:

Features artists like Neal Morse, IQ, Lana Lane, Rick Wakeman. Sounds very promising, they also state exactly where the money's going.
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Nice link Peter, hadn't seen that before. As well as the good cause, it's worth having just for the 2 unreleased Neal Morse tracks..!! Will probably order it soon  ;D
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Good link, cheers Peter...I've just placed an order for the CD, and e-mailed the link to a few mates as well...

And IF there were any justice in the world, it would top the album charts, with The ProgAid single topping the singles' chart....

...meanwhile, back in the real world....<insert "hippy" emoticon>
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