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Would you say you have tendencies towards a certain political party or political wing in general? If so, would you say it's more right wing or left wing?

No, I am basically not too much into politics.
5 (26.3%)
Yes, but it depends strongly on current political developments. So, I'm neither really right or left.
3 (15.8%)
Yes, more "right wing tendencies".
2 (10.5%)
Yes, more "left wing tendencies".
9 (47.4%)

Total Members Voted: 19

Author Topic: Project: Tendencies towards political party/faction / political wing in general?  (Read 5170 times)

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I am a German student of English- and American literatures, cultural studies and media studies. As I am as well a great fan of progressive rock music, I am by now working on a project comparing the Gothic scene with the Prog scene (if there is such a thing). One problem of my work is, that there is no such thing as a study of the Prog scene, while the Gothic scene (at least in Germany) is explored to some extent. If there is literature on Prog, its mostly about the music, a fact which is one argumentative aspect in my work. This is why I am launching some polls in this and some other forums in order to raise some statistical data so that my argumentation which will focus on my personal experiences mostly with the German scene but have some international references as well has some numbers to back it up.

If I can raise enough votes, I may even come back on that subject matter in a later project which could then deal with the prog scene exclusively, and who knows, maybe I will someday even be able to make a book out of it, but that's still just a fantasy.

So, I would be glad if some (or some more) could participate in the polls that I'll launch here. I'll count the results someday in January 2006.


O. K. this one is dealing with political tendencies in the Prog scene in general. Since I'm not too good informed about national politics and this is an international forum, I can only ask this very generally and not go into details, so everyone will have to decide for him- or herself whether he or she is more "right" or "left". If this question is too personal, just leave it out. ;)

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Not really a fan of that Tory (yes I meant to say Tory, as in conservative, not Tony!) Blair, and yes, his not labour!

New labour! Pah! Conservatives. No, but seriously, that’s the way things are going, or so I believe.

Well, I don't really have anything against the man himself, I just don't feel labour are really labour anymore.
I'm not overly fond of that frog. A 12-Gauge Shotgun springs to mind.

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Hey Valacar!
How's your project going? :)

Me just being curious.

Of course you can give us the results later! ;D