Author Topic: ARENA - Concert Essen / Germany, Zeche Carl, 12.10.2005  (Read 2263 times)

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ARENA - Concert Essen / Germany, Zeche Carl, 12.10.2005
« on: Sun, 2005-10-16, 19:25:42 »
I want to tell you some things about the gig of ARENA in Essen, Germany.
It was a very great show I think. There were about 200 - 250 people and it was a very nice atmosphere.
I like these small concerts, it´s something special (for me). You can get in contact with the band, talk about god and the world if you want  ;D But also you can talk about the gig, about the new album or past albums, albums which might come and they can tell you about the "nice singing"...  :D  ;)
On the beginning of the concert, Rob wore a blond periwig and I think he looked very nice with it  ;)
In the middle, Clive asked the audience which were the names of the 5th, the 6th, the 3rd (and so on) album. The audience "shouted"  the names of the albums correctly but the one about the 1st album was wrong; they shouted: "Science Cage" (or something like this). And so Clive got an idea for a new album; at least he told me so...  :P 

All in all it was a very great concert; it was my 2nd one with ARENA for me.
I´m straight looking forward for the next consert to see ARENA again and talk to them. If a new album comes out (I hope so!!!) I will again be able to sing all the new and the old songs :)


P.S.: I think you can read how enthused I was...  ::)

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Re: ARENA - Concert Essen / Germany, Zeche Carl, 12.10.2005
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 2005-10-16, 19:51:28 »
Hi Hells_Angel  :) and welcom on board!

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Re: ARENA - Concert Essen / Germany, Zeche Carl, 12.10.2005
« Reply #2 on: Sun, 2005-10-16, 19:57:52 »
Well, first, when I saw Rob I thought it was a parody on Clive with the long blond hair.  :D

The Gig was great - like every Gig I saw in the last ten years of Arena, beinning at the Starclub Oberhausen.
But the sound in the second half of the set was very lousy. The bass was overdriven and from the boxes came only mash.
Such a pity.

The setlist was nearly that ones, posted at last; so: a good choice, but only a few longtracks.
And: they play SOLOMON!!!!!!!!!!
The other Highpoint at the concert in my opinion was The shattered room - very powerful and a great performance.
Clive was a nice entertainer - very funny.

All in all a very good evening, 2 and nearly a half hous amusement.
I will see them again, every time they come to Germany.
Perhaps next tour in the Region Cologne / Dusseldorf?