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Author Topic: Very special question (for John).  (Read 2573 times)


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Very special question (for John).
« on: Tue, 2005-08-09, 17:37:42 »
I'm the huge fan from Czech Republic, of all your extraordinary and unforgettable work and I really wait for you being live in Slovakia! 
My question is a bit unusual. John, is Sasha Mitchell, whom you thank to on the booklet, the actor of series Step by Step or it's only happenstance?

Offline Clive

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Re: Very special question (for John).
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 2005-08-09, 23:49:02 »
Sasha is John's son....  :)


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Re: Very special question (for John).
« Reply #2 on: Tue, 2005-08-16, 20:47:45 »
Thanks for your answer, Clive.

See you and guys in Nitra, SK. After seeing concerts of Rush and Yes, another dream will come true for me.  :)