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Author Topic: The MAX  (Read 2868 times)

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« on: Tue, 2013-04-30, 16:42:19 »
This year is the 10th anniversary of Arena's classic Contagion album. As most of you will know, the band decided to make it a single disc and put the extra material on two EP's, instead of creating a two disc album. However, plans were made for a a two disc fans only release. The mix for that was actually made, but eventually shelved for various reasons.

The 10th anniversary is an excellent moment to release it after all! Whether this is feasible basically depends on the question how many of you actually would want to buy a copy. If you would buy it (or even pre-order it in advance), please drop us a line at info at welcometothecage dot com. The more positive responses, the better the chance it will actually be released! We have already received many favourable replies, but we are not quite there yet: we need a thousand! Let's make it happen!

Please note that the possible 2-disc version is not intended to replace the original 1-disc version of 2003, the idea is to provide the alternate listening experience of the whole continuous Contagion saga! See also the 2004 preview here at the Cage website.

Op hoeveel staat de teller nu? Tig jaar geleden zou hij er al komen en nu steken ze het vuurtje eronder weer aan.
Weet iemand van The Cage (die wat dichter bij het vuur zitten) hier wat meer van?

Ik koop hem sowieso.

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Re: The MAX
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 2013-05-08, 18:14:27 »
Ik heb circa 150 reacties gekregen, weliswaar hele enthousiaste, maar nog lang niet genoeg om de band over te halen dat dit een haalbare zaak is/kan worden. Zijn nu aan het nadenken over hoe verder..
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