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Re: Now Playing Thread
« Reply #23400 on: Wed, 2019-08-14, 10:29:03 »
NP Thomas Dolby - The Sole Inhabitant

For anyone who might be interested: Australian band Aragon are temporarily offering their excellent 90s double concept album Mouse as a free download on Bandcamp:

Vocals are an acquired taste I guess, but I have always loved this band and album so thought I’d share it here :)
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Re: Now Playing Thread
« Reply #23401 on: Wed, 2019-08-14, 11:38:20 »
NP> Keor ~ Petrichor
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Re: Now Playing Thread
« Reply #23402 on: Fri, 2019-08-16, 19:56:44 »
The Flower Kings - Banks Of Eden
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