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Author Topic: Long time no speak!  (Read 3913 times)

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Long time no speak!
« on: Sun, 2009-12-06, 01:40:09 »
Hi there everyone on the Arena forum. I hope I am still welcome back here, as I think the last time I logged in was not so long before the Arena gig in Reading in something ridiculous like 2007? Fantastic gig though I must say... several years on.

I am here to let everyone know of the existence of this:

Sort of like MTV, but only a helluva lot better, you'll see why when you're watching/listening to it. Clive has been on it pretty much all day, there has been Pendragon vids, Arena vids, erm and I think I spied Clive and Mr. Nick Barrett doing a few stripped down acoustic Shadowland songs. Not just Clive, but there has also been John Mitchell with Kino, John Jowett with IQ/Jadis, and as I mentioned a few Arena vids too.

Currently playing is Radioactive Toy by the almighty Porcupine Tree, I think it's the version from the second disk of their Arriving Somewhere DVD. Talking of DVD's, being so impressed with the footage from the new Pendragon DVD, I picked up a copy  :)
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