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Support Bands/Co-headline tours
« on: Fri, 2008-01-25, 00:14:33 »
There has been a lot of talk on a variety of topics (Twilight of the Bands etc) about the problems our favourite bands have from attracting new fans to there being too many bands touring.

Presumably from the start time it'll just be Arena at Reading with no support band and thinking back I can't recall many Prog shows of late with a proper reasonably well known support band (I recall Pendragon acoustic but that was really for fans and didn't give a full flavour experience - one to be enjoyed!). Now I know there will be whole loads of issues but it would kill a number of birds ifs Arena had a support from the likes of Pallas or IQ or whoever and maybe reciprocated the gesture by supporting them on one of their tours, thereby reaching some new fans who like the genre (seeing a band live can certainly change opinions). And if a support slot seems unpalatable maybe the old fashioned co-headling gig, alternating first on each night could be an idea?

Dunno, just pondering really, but I got into Mostly Autumn by going to see Arena (or was it Pendragon?) in London, when MA were on the same set. Incidentally as MA have a new album soon they must have a tour support slot available soon! :-)