Author Topic: Verviers 1/06/2007  (Read 2926 times)

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Verviers 1/06/2007
« on: Mon, 2007-06-04, 10:24:24 »
 *ola* Thanks you guys, the show was GREAT  *ola*

Magic set list, lot of humor form John and Clive ( ;D@"Robocop story"... )

Public was on fire  *horns*, we were ready to have many encores, too bad the keyboards were shut down....   

We are now waiting for the new album, and so, for the next gig of course!   ;)

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Re: Verviers 1/06/2007
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 2007-06-05, 23:17:57 »
I was there too. Greatgreatgreat. Thanks :D

It was good to hear old songs like  Empire... and my all-time favorite "Solomon" with the others.

See you next time...