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Title: Clive
Post by: bellanova on Wed, 2015-11-11, 16:30:22
I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to wish Clive all the best for his upcoming eye surgery,  the first operation having failed. He's very depressed about it and worried according to his post in his Musicals website, Clive Nolan's Musicals. Positive thought from me Clive. Thinking of you xx
Title: Re: Clive
Post by: keyboardistmatt on Thu, 2015-11-12, 13:48:02
You're right; you're not alone. I've been reading Clives posts on Facebook, and sending my positive wishes there. This is something serious, and as he said it's freaking him out a bit. So once again I send Clive my best wishes and I look forward to getting news of a full recovery.
Title: Re: Clive
Post by: Teunis on Thu, 2015-11-12, 19:14:30
Wished him all the best on Facebook. His last login here was on 31th July 2012, the chance that he'll read it here is not that big :). Hope that he'll recover fully and will spoil us with his beautiful music soon *horns*.
Title: Re: Clive
Post by: PH on Thu, 2015-11-12, 19:23:53
I was listening to Shadowland today. I think Clive has a very distinct voice. Can only imagine him singing Shadowland songs. Really love those albums. But to be honest, I adore his keyboard playing even more. I hope this operation will succeed. Losing ones sight is terrible. Even more for musicians. All the best to you Clive!!
Title: Re: Clive
Post by: Bupie on Fri, 2015-11-13, 04:32:07
All the best to him indeed.
Title: Re: Clive
Post by: bellanova on Tue, 2015-11-17, 14:12:30
Yes I wished him all the best on his Musical's site which he is always posting on. I just wasn't sure how many knew about it here.
Title: Re: Clive
Post by: Teunis on Thu, 2015-12-03, 18:54:14
Good news, Clive wrote this on Facebook:
I'm free!
Well... free of the gas bubble in my eye... and I've been given the 'all clear so far'. It means I finally remove this green wrist band that I have worn for 8 weeks as a harsh reminder of the condition of my eye. The vision is still blurred in the right eye, but it's improving. Sadly there is always the threat of reoccurrence but to all intents and purposes I am now allowed to get back to normal.
I intend to take things gently for the rest of the year, because next year is going to be busy on a grand scale with activities from Pendragon, Arena and of course the musicals (I hope to be recording them next year).
Thanks again to all you wonderful well wishers - I truly felt the good vibes coming my way!
Now... back to the music!!

I wonder what the Arena activities are. No news yet about the DVD which was recorded in Poland this year. Knight Area recorded their DVD on the same evening, this one is out already.
Title: Re: Clive
Post by: bellanova on Sat, 2015-12-05, 15:23:09
Good news about Clive. I know all too well about eye problems. I have macular degeneration and have undergone 9 injections into my eye in the last year. It has helped but I now need glasses all the time. Still, it hasn't stopped me going to gigs.
I hope Arena do something next year but after seeing both of Clives musicals, I'm hoping Caamora do another weekend in Cheltenham next year. Even this year there was a gig between the Musicals, featuring Clive, Paul Manzi and Kylan amongst others. They did Tears in the Rain.
Title: Re: Clive
Post by: Teunis on Sun, 2015-12-06, 20:34:38
Unfortunately today a disappointing message from Clive:
It seems that fate is against me! I have been rushed back into hospital for a third emergency operation on the eye! It is clear that I was not free of the problem after all - it's not the disappointment that hurts, it's the hope!
My state of mind is currently dwelling somewhere between depression and anger! So, it's back to the prison of the green wrist band and a semi twilight world.
I'm sorry I wasted all your wonderful optimism and congratulatory messages, but like it or not I'm back to square one!
The adventure/nightmare continues...

Hope that he'll recover soon :-\.
Title: Re: Clive
Post by: bellanova on Mon, 2015-12-07, 15:26:44
Poor Clive. Really hope it is 3rd time lucky.