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New album 'T.T.O.M.I.' and 25th Anniversary Tour in (October) 2020

Started by Teunis, Sun, 2019-12-01, 21:19:18

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As already mentioned by Arena, there would be a great announcement today:

New album 'The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance' and 25th Anniversary Tour.

Already excited  *horns* 8)
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I'm stoked for this.  *horns*

But now we have to wait a few months for the new album.
A lot of bands are doing that lately.
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Great! But no release date yet... It's good to see that the guys are back on a 'one album in 2 or 3 years' schedule.
We need our Arena albums! ;D


Finally ... a release date. The new album 'THE THEORY OF MOLECULAR INHERITANCE' will be released on 2th September.

Our 10th Studio album, The Theory of Molecular Inheritance is now in production for a release on 2nd September. The album is recorded and mastered and is now with the manufacturer. Our website, has been updated with all the details and we're now taking pre-orders for a delivery to you on 2nd September.
See you on tour in Sept/Oct

More info (pre-order and tour) on the official website:
'I will surrender my heart to the sky
Oh, our love doesn't end here, it lives forever on the wings of time'
Toto - Wings of time (Kingdom of Desire)


QuoteHi guys,

we have
- a new album to be released next week (September 2, for pre-orders), resp October 22
- an upcoming tour through Europe along the official album release

So, please share your thoughts, and let's create some frenzy! :D

:: The Shattered Room :: Team.

Thanks Peter for this call to arms which was sent out end of August! Only now found the time to respond, and managed to log in after some hiccups (the privacy notice which I had to accept but appeared only after an error message and refreshing the page).

Exciting times with the new album and the twice postponed 25th anniversary tour now happening at last. The album is getting very positive first reviews and I cannot wait to hear it. Concept album, Damian on vocals, Arena sounding better than ever - the signs look very promising indeed. The extensive and interesting interview in the latest issue of the Dutch magazine iO Pages further whets my appetite. So hopefully the heavy thud of the earbook on my doormat is imminent soon (or rather the postman ringing the door bell because of course it will not fit in the letterbox!).

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