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Started by Nicky007, Mon, 2007-05-21, 13:11:19

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Are you looking for challenging music ? - something that shakes you, and grips you, and transports you to places you never dreamed of ?

Well then, stop here for a spell. You'll find an assortment of some of the absolute best progressive artists and groups, from delicate and lyric (e.g. Jeff Buckley), to harsh and battering (e.g. Zero Hour).

These acts I can guarantee for !  Each of them is worth an experience, each is unique, seeking, challenging, and exciting.

I have probably missed some, and therefore I would be happy to receive proposals for further pantheon groups. But they have to be professional, special, suffused with intelligence, passionate, and they have to rock.

Feel free to post anything that comes to your mind, in this thread, or to Nicky007b at

My prog pantheon

Active groups & artists

A.C.T - Silence, Epic, Friends
Adagio - Archangels, Dominate, Underworld, Ignis
Aghora - Formless, I
Alice in Chains - Black, Tripod, Flies, Dirt, Facelift, Live, Unplugged, Music Bank
All That Remains - Many, Overcome
Amorphis - Red Cloud, Beginning, Skyforger, Waters, Eclipse
Anathema - Disaster, Judgement, Alternative 4, Eternity
Andromeda - Extension, Chimera, II=I
Angra - Holy Land, Fireworks, Temple, Rebirth
Animals as Leaders - Weightless, I
Annihilator - Metal, Self-titled
Anthrax - Worship, We've Come, Stomp 442, White Noise
Anthriel - Pathway
Anubis Gate - Andromeda, Detached, Horizons, Self-titled, Forever, Purification
Arcane Roots - Blood & Chemistry
Architects - All Our Gods, Lost Forever, Daybreaker
Arcturus - Sideshow, Sham
Arena - Contagion, Visitor, Unquiet Sky, Seventh Degree, Lion's Cage, Pride, Im?, Pepper, L&L, S&M
ARK - Burn The Sun
Ascension of the Watchers - Numinosum
As I Lay Dying - Ocean, Powerless
Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare, Diamonds, City, Self-titled, Live in the LBC
Bal-Sagoth - Chthonic Chronicles, Atlantis Ascendant, Power Cosmic, Battle Magic, Ultima Thule, Lemuria
Baroness - Purple, Yellow & Green
Jeff Beck / with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas - Live+, Guitar Shop, Jeff
Between the Buried and Me - Misdirect, Colors
Beyond Twilight - Section X, Love, Devil
The Black Dahlia Murder - Abysmal
Black Sabbath - I, Paranoid, Heaven and Hell, Master, Vol. 4, 13
Blind Guardian - Opera, Imaginations
Borknagar - Urd
Jerry Cantrell - Trip, Depot
Charred Walls of the Damned - I
Circus Maximus - Nine, Isolate, 1st
Cloudscape - Crimson Skies, Global Drama, I
Conjure One - I, Holoscenic
Conquering Dystopia - Self-titled
The Contortionist - Intrinsic, Language, Exoplanet
Rusty Cooley - I
Alice Cooper - Killer, Nightmare 1 & 2, Babies, School
Chris Cornell / Audioslave - Euphoria Morning (with Eleven), Carry On, Out of Exile, Revelations
Crimson Glory - Astronomica
Cynic - Traced, Focus
Darkology - Fated to Burn, Altered Reflections
Deadsoul Tribe - Crows, I, Tree, Word
The Deadstation - Abyss
Deathspell Omega - Paracletus, Drought
Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire Works, Miss Machine, Calculating, Irony
Dimmu Borgir - Armageddon, Misanthropia
Disillusion - Splendor, Gloria
Dominici - O3: A Trilogy
Down - Over The Under, NOLA
Dream Theater - Self-titled, Dramatic, Clouds, Chaos, Octavarium, Train, Six, Scenes, Infinity, Awake, Seasons, 
    Live Scenes, Score, Budokan, Images, Unite
Bob Dylan - Changin', Highway 61, Freewheelin', Bringing, Harding, Self Portrait, Blonde, Slow Train, Another Side,
    Nashville, Christmas
Eleven / Alain Johannes - Euphoria Morning, Howling Book, Avantgardedog, Spark, Thunk, Eleven
Emperor - Nightside Eclipse, Prometheus, Anthems
Enslaved - Axioma, Vertebrae, Ruun
Eumeria - Rebel Mind
Extreme - III Sides, Punchline, Pornograffitti, Saudades, I
The Faceless - Autotheism, Planetary Duality
Fates Warning - Gray, Still Life, Parallels, Inside Out, Symmetry, FWX, Disconnected, No Exit, Guardian,
    Spectre, Bröcken
Faith No More - Angel Dust, Real Thing, Sol, King, Year, Brixton
Fear Factory - Genexus, Industrialist, Mechanize, Obsolete, Digimortal, Demanufacture, Archetype, Transgression,
    Hatefiles, Soul, Concrete
Fish - Crows, Return to Childhood, Suits
Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side, Capitalist, War, Fist
Flying Colors - I
Peter Gabriel - Lamb, Car, Passion, Us, So, Big Blue Ball, Scratch
Lisa Gerrard / & Pieter Bourke / Dead Can Dance - Duality, Serpent's Egg, Spleen
Gojira - Flesh, Mars
Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac / Splinter Group - Best of PG's FM, Hard Road, Best of PG SG
Guilt Machine - On This Perfect Day
Guns N' Roses - ChinDem, Illusion I & II, Live Era, Destruction, Lies, Spaghetti, Best of
Steve Hackett - Wild Orchids, Please Don't Touch
Hacride - Back to Where You've Never Been
Haken - Visions, Aquarius, Mountain
Michael Harris / Thought Chamber - Perceptions, Views, Orchestrate
Gary Hughes / Ten - Twilight, King, Essential, Babylon, Evermore, Stormwarning, Veritas
Iced Earth - Armageddon, Crucible, Burden, Dystopia, Horror Show
Ihsahn / Peccatum - Eremita, angL, Ashes, After, Moribund
Immortal - All Shall Fall, Northern Darkness
In Flames - Playground, Purpose, Clarity, Reroute
Judas Priest - Nostradamus, Jugulator, Angel, Demolition, Redeemer, Evil (Live), Live in London, Painkiller,
    British Steel, Ram, Turbo, Screaming, Defenders, Stained Class, Wings
Kalisia - Cybion
Kamelot - Ghost, Halo, Winter, Epica, Siége, Dominion
Kashmir - E.A.R., Zitilites
Keep of Kalessin - Epistemology, Reptilian, Kolossus, Armada
Karnivool - Asymmetry, Sound Awake
Killswitch Engage - Incarnate, Disarm
King Crimson - ConstruKction, Believe, Beat, Pair, Court
Korn - III, Other Side, Mirror, Untitled, Untouchables, Issues, Leader, Peachy, I
Leo Kottke - Greenhouse, 6- and 12- String Guitar, Leo Live
Lamb of God - VII: Sturm und Drang
Lana Lane & Erik Norlander - Astrology, Queen, Lady Macbeth, Red Planet, Shangri-La
Leprous - Coal, Congregation, Bilateral, Poppy
Live - Distance, Samadhi, Copper
Jeff Loomis - Zero, Oblivion
Magnum Breath Of Life, Storyteller, Vigilante
Manic Street Preachers / James Dean Bradfield - Postcards, Truth, Western, Everything, Enemy, Lifeblood, Bible
Manowar - Triumph Of Steel, Warriors
Mars Volta / At The Drive-in - De-Loused, Francis, Amputechture, Bedlam, Relationship, Casino
Mastodon - Skye, Mountain
Brian May - Back to the Light
Mayhem - Grand Declaration of War, Chimera, Ordo
Paul & Linda McCartney - Band on the Run, Ram
Megadeth - Countdown, Rust in Peace
Meshuggah - Koloss, obZen, Catch Thirtythree, Nothing
Metallica - Death Magnetic, Black, St. Anger, Load, ReLoad, Justice, Master
Ministry - From Beer to Eternity
Mnemic - Mnemesis, Sons of the System, Passenger
Moby - Play, 18, Innocents, Animal Rights
Monuments - Amanuensis, Gnosis
Morbid Angel - Altars, Blessed, Covenant, Illud
Alanis Morissette - Pill, Junkie, Rug, Havoc
Neal Morse - Testimony 2, Sola Scriptura, ?, One
Muse - Black Holes, Absolution, Resistance, 2nd Law, Symmetry, Drones
Nachtmystium - Assassins, Addicts
Negură Bunget - Maiestrit, Virstele, Om
Nevermore / Warrel Dane - Endeavor, Obsidian, Neon, Dead Heart, Enemies, Ecstasy, Voyager, War Machine (WD),
    In Memory, I
Clive Nolan / & Oliver Wakeman - Alchemy, Caamora, Jabberwocky
Mike Oldfield - QE2, Exposed, Amarok, Crises, Five Miles Out, Islands, Heaven's Open, Ommadawn, Tubular Bells I,
    Platinum, Discovery, Incantations, Hergest Ridge
Opeth - Ghost Reveries, Blackwater, Watershed, Sorceress, Deliverance, Heritage, Pale Communion, Arms, Still Life,
    Damnation, Morningrise, Orchid
Orphaned Land - Mabool, ORwarriOR, El Norra Alila
Outworld - I
Pain of Salvation - Passing Light, Scarsick, "BE", Road Salt One & Two, Remedy Lane, Perfect Element I
Pallas - XXV, Dreams, Cross, Sentinel
Mike Patton / Tomahawk - Irony (Dillinger with MP), Tomahawk
Pearl Jam / Eddie Vedder - Vs., Pearl Jam, Riot Act, Legs, Backspacer, Vitalogy, Ten, No Code, Yield, Wild
Pendragon - Passion, Pure, Not World, Fallen, Believe
Periphery - Difficulty, Juggernaut, Personal, I
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
Robert Plant - Clarksdale, No Quarter, ReArranger, Fate, Zen, Dreamland, Pictures, Moments, Nirvana, Shaken
Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson - Deadwing, In Absentia, Incident, Planet, Grace, Lightbulb, Downstair, Sunday,
    Voyage 34
Protest the Hero - Volition, Scurrilous, Fortress
Psychotic Waltz - Grace, Everflow, Mosquito, Bleeding
Queens of the Stone Age - Era, Lullabies, Deaf, R
Queensrÿche - Soldier, OM I & II, Rage, Promised Land, Art, Q2k, Hear, Empire, Tribe, Warning, I
Trevor Rabin - Talk, Can't Look Away, Live in LA, Jacaranda
Radiance - The Burning Sun
Radiohead / Thom Yorke - OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, Thief, In Rainbows, Bends, Eraser
Redemption - Fullness, Coil, Origins, Snowfall, I, Frozen (Live)
Refused - Freedom
Revocation - Great Is Our Sin
Riverside - Movement, Syndrome
Rodriguez - Cold Fact, Coming From Reality
Royal Hunt / André Andersen - Collision Course, Changing Skin, Fear, Mission, Watchers, X, Paper Blood,
    Black, Eyewitness, 2006 Live, Paradox, Target, III, Show Me
Rush - Clockwork, Snakes, Counterparts, Waves, 2112, Farewell
Saturnian - Dimensions
Scar Symmetry - Progress, Holographic, Symmetric
7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of Absolution, 7 Horns 7 Eyes
Seventh Wonder - Escape, Waiting, Become, Mercy
Shadow Gallery - Room V, Digital
Shadows Fall - Fire From The Sky, War Within
The Shadow Theory - Veil
Billy Sheehan - Age Of Impact, Cosmic Troubadour, Baptizm Of Fire
SikTh - Opacities, Dead Day
Sixx:A.M. - This Is Gonna Hurt
Slash - Apocalyptic Love (with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators)
Slayer - Reign In Blood, Repentless
Slipknot - Hope, Subliminal, Iowa
Soilwork - Ride Majestic
Sort Sol - Circle, Snakecharmer, Glamourpuss
Soundgarden - King Animal, Superunknown, Upside
Sparks - Kimono, Propaganda, Indiscreet, Woofer, Li'l Beethoven, Bergman, Exotic, Lovers, Big Beat
Spock's Beard - SB, Octane, Feel Euphoria, Snow
Stride - Imagine, Bah Humbug, Music Machine
Subsignal - Beautiful, Touchstones, Paraiso
Symphony X - Iconoclast, Paradise Lost, Odyssey, V, Olympus, Tragedy, Damnation
Synkronizity - Cultivation
Tangerine Dream - Underwater Sunlight, Electric Mandarine
TesseracT - Polaris, Altered State, One
TestAmenT - Dark Roots, Live in London, Formation
Textures - Dualism
The Tea Party - Interzone, Triptych, Transmission, Splendor, Circles, Alhambra
Them Crooked Vultures - I
3 - End, Wake
Threshold - Critical Mass, Clone, Wounded Land, Extinct Instinct, Hypothetical, Subsurface, Dead Reckoning
Glenn Tipton - Baptizm Of Fire, Edge
To-Mera - Exile, Transcendental, Delusions
Tool - 10,000 Days, Lateralus, Ænima, Undertow, Opiate
Tribulation - Children Of The Night, Formulas Of Death
Trivium - Shogun, Crusade, In Waves, Ascendancy
Ulver - Blood Inside, Wars Of The Roses
U2 - Joshua Tree, Unforgettable Fire, Rattle And Hum
Steve Vai - Real Illusions, Fire Garden, Ultra Zone, Sound Theories, Ultra World, Alien, Passion, Sex & Religion
Vanden Plas - Christ 0, Daylight, God
Van Halen - III, Balance, I
Veil of Maya - Matriarch
Vintersorg - The Focusing Blur, Orkan
Von Hertzen Brothers - New Day, Nine Lives
W.A.S.P. - Golgatha, Babylon
Watain - Wild Hunt, Lawless Darkness
Roger Waters - Final Cut, Radio K.A.O.S., Flesh, Amused, Ca Ira, Pros & Cons
Winger - Karma
Wintersun - Time I, Wintersun
Wolves in the Throne Room - Celestite, Celestial Lineage
Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps, Harvest, Freedom, Gold Rush
Zero Hour - Metamorphosis, Towers, Specs, Fragile
Zierler - ESC

Past masters

Jon Anderson - Change We Must, City Of Angels, Song of Seven, Olias, Earth Mother Earth
Beatles - Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper's, White, Let It Be, Submarine, Mystery, Revolver, Rubber Soul, Help!
Big Brother & The Holding Company - Cheap Thrills
Blind Faith - I
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs, Ziggy Stardust, Blackstar, Station, Earthling, Outside, Hunky Dory, 'Hours...', Reality,
    "Heroes", Heathen, Scary Monsters, Next Day, Young Americans, Space Oddity, Low, Lodger, Let's Dance, World
Jeff Buckley - Grace, Sweetheart, Mystery
Johnny Cash & Rick Rubin - American Recordings I-VI
City Boy - Earth, I, Heads, Book, West, Ritz, Personal
Coverdale and Page - Self-titled
Cream - Wheels, Disraeli, Fresh, Goodbye
Dali's Dilemma - Manifesto For Futurism
Dire Straits - I, Communiqué, Movies, Love, Alchemy, Brothers, Street
Doors - Sun, Days, I, Parade, Hotel, Woman
Electric Light Orchestra - New World Record, Blue, Discovery, Time, Eldorado
Explorers Club - Age Of Impact, Mammoth
Genesis - Lamb, Duke, England, Wind, Trick, Three, Foxtrot, Cryme, Abacab, Self-titled, Invisible, Dance
Iron Butterfly - Metamorphosis, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Michael Jackson - Dangerous, Thriller, Bad
Jethro Tull - Benefit, Thick, Aqualung, Stand Up, Wraps
Elton John - Yellow Brick Road, Captain Fantastic, Don't Shoot, Caribou, Honky Chateau, West Coast
Jon and Vangelis - Page Of Life, Private Collection, Mr Cairo, Short Stories
Led Zeppelin - II, I, III, IV, Houses, Graffiti, Presence, In, Coda
Tom Lehrer The Year That Was, More, Songs
John Lennon - Imagine, Plastic Ono Band
Marillion (Fish era) - Straws, Childhood, Fugazi, Script, B'Sides
Moody Blues - Seventh Sojourn, Favour, Balance, Children, Dream, Chord, Days
Jimmy Page / Coverdale and / The Firm - Clarksdale, No Quarter, Coverdale and Page, The Firm I
Pantera - Trendkill, Reinventing, Driven, Cowboys, Vulgar
Pink Floyd / David Gilmour / Rick Wright - Meddle, Wish, Dark Side, Wall, Final Cut, Animals, Atom Heart,
    About Face, Lapse, Bell, Ummagumma, Saucerful, Pulse, DG I, Island, Broken China (RW), Relics, Piper
Queen - Heaven, Sheer, Night, Day, Innuendo, Magic, News, II, I
R.E.M. - Automatic, Out Of Time, Reveal, Green, Reconstruction
Rolling Stones - Request, Banquet, Flowers, Bleed, Exile, Aftermath
Santana - Supernatural, I, Abraxas
Sieges Even - Paramount, Navigating, Change
Simon & Garfunkel - Parsley, Silence, Bridge, Bookends, Concert In Central Park
Bruce Springsteen - Darkness, River, Born To Run, Wild, Born In The U.S.A.
Steppenwolf - Monster, I, 7, Second
Supertramp - Crisis, Crime, Quietest, Breakfast, Indelibly
10cc - Soundtrack, Dare, Sheet, Bends, Tourists, Let Live
Tiny Tim - God Bless
Traffic - Eagle, High Heeled Boys, Far From Home
Venom - Black Metal, Welcome To Hell
The Who - Tommy, Who's Next, Quadrophenia, My Generation
Yes / ABWH - Going, Ladder, Talk, Heaven & Earth, Fly, Tormato, House of Yes, Topographic, Edge, 90125,
    Generator, Union, Keys, ABWH, Drama, Relayer, Fragile, Magnification, Yes Album, Time And A Word

Other groups & artists that I enjoy listening to nowadays

Abigail's Ghost    Abyssal Ascendant    The Acacia Strain    Accept    AC/DC    Ace Mafia    Acrassicauda    Ryan Adams    Adrenaline Mob    Aeon Zen    Aerosmith    Björn Afzelius    Agalloch    Agent Steel    Agni    Christina Aguilera    Aklash    All Shall Perish    Alpha Rev    Alter Bridge    Amaran's Plight    Amaseffer    Amon Amarth    Amoral    Anacrusis    Angels of Babylon    Karl Anthony    Arcade Fire    The Arcane Order    Arch Enemy    Army of Anyone   Artillery    Assignment    Astral Doors    Atheist    Atomic Soul    At Vance    Audrey Horne    August Burns Red    Avantasia    Ayreon    Angelo Badalamenti    Bad English    Jon Balke    Banyan    Baptized in Blood    Barren Earth    Bathory    Beardfish    Jason Becker    Behemoth    Benny Anderssons Orkester    Beyond Fear    Big Big Train    Bigelf    Biohazard    Black Crowes    Blackfield    Black Flag    Black Grape    Black Keys    Black Label Society    Black Mountain    Blind Ego    Bloodbath    Blotted Science    Blue Öyster Cult    Blur    Mark Boals    Boil    Bombus    Joe Bonamassa    Book of Reflections    Born of Osiris.   Breaking Benjamin    Brujeria    Tim Buckley    Bullet For My Valentine    Carter Burwell    Burzum    Cairo    Camel    Isobel Campbell    Cancer Bats    Candlebox    Candlemass    Cannibal Corpse    Johnny Cash    Bob Catley    Nick Cave    Celtachor    Celtic Frost    Cephalic Carnage    Children of Bodom    Chimaira    Chimp Spanner    Chon    Chroma Key    Circle II Circle    City of Fire    Kelly Clarkson    Clash    Clawfinger    Coheed and Cambria     Phil Collins    Communic    Conception    Converge    D.C. Cooper    Corrosion of Conformity    Cradle of Filth    Ben Craven    Credo    Creed    Creedence Clearwater Revival    Crowbar    Cryptic Vision    Cult    Cult of Luna    Cure    D-A-D    Dagorlad    Darkane    Dark Suns    Darkthrone    Dark Tranquillity    Darkwater    Dave Matthews Band    Miles Davis    Day Six    The Dear Hunter    Death    Death Cab for Cutie    Death Grips    Decapitated    Decemberists    Deconstruction    DeeExpus    Deftones    Delirious?    Demians    Depeche Mode    Dio    Disturbed    Divine Heresy    Dixie Dregs    Arne Domnérus & Gustaf Sjökvist    Dordeduh    DragonLord    Dreamscape    Dredg    Drugstore Fanatics    Nick D'Virgilio    Dying Fetus    Dyscaphia    Eagles of Death Metal    Echoes    Echoes of Eternity    Edenbridge    Eden's Curse    Edge of Sanity    Eidolon    Jonathan Elias    Emerson, Lake & Palmer    Eminem    Emmure    Engine    Brian Eno    Enochian Theory    Ensiferum    Entombed A.D.    Ephrat    Epysode    Eternal Sand    Evans|Blue    Jace Everett    Evergrey    Everlast    Bryan Ferry    Fight    Firehose    Firewind    Flower Kings    Foo Fighters    For All We Know    Lita Ford    Frameshift    Chris Francis    Frederiksen/Phillips    Freedom Call    FuryBorn    Galahad    Gazpacho    Ghost    Paul Gilbert    Glass Hammer    G. Love & Special Sauce    God Is An Astronaut    Godley Creme    Godsmack    Gods Of Hellfire    Gorillaz    Grand Magus    Graveyard    Green Day    Greyhaven    Gromth    Dave Grusin    GWAR    Gypsy Kings    g//z/r    Haji's Kitchen    Halford    Hammerfall    Hammers of Misfortune    Hard Rain    Haunted    Head    Headspace    Hellacopters    Helloween   High on Fire    HIM    Hodson    House of Lords    Hurt    I    Ill Niño    Illusion Suite    Images At Twilight    Incubus    Inepsys    Instant Suppression    Into Eternity    IQ    Iron Maiden    Isis    It Bites    Izz    Jadis    Jane's Addiction    Keith Jarrett    Ron Jarzombek    Jolly    Jon Oliva's Pain    Jorn    Journey    Kaipa    Kansas    Katatonia    Alicia Keys    Kid Rock    Kingcrow    Kingdom Come    Kino    Knight Area    Kreator    Kroke    Krux    Kull    Kvelertak    Kylesa    Kyuss    James LaBrie    Laleh    Jørn Lande    Landmarq    Mark Lanegan    Daniel Lanois    Last Chance to Reason    Last Crack    Life of Agony    Limp Bizkit    Linear Sphere    Linkin Park    Liquid Tension Experiment    Little Feat    Loch Vostok    Lordi    Lost Horizon    Lostprophets    Lost Weekend    Love    Love Battery    Steve Lukather    Lunatic Soul    Machine Head    Mad Season    Magellan    Magenta    Magic Pie    Magma    Mahavishnu Orchestra    Yngwie Malmsteen    Manfred Mann's Earth Band    Guy Manning    Marillion (Hogarth era)    Marilyn Manson    Masterplan    MC5    Bobby McFerrin    John McLaughlin    Mekong Delta    Al Di Meola    Mercenary    Mercyful Fate    Pat Metheny    Mew    Mindflow    Mithras    Moonsorrow    Steve Morse (Band)    Mötley Crüe    Mr. Big    Mudhoney    MullMuzzler    Mutiny Within    My Chemical Romance    Myrath    Myrkur    The Naked and Famous    Dave Navarro    Nazgûl    Necrophagist    Neurosis    Neville Brothers    Nico    Nightingale    Nile    Nine Inch Nails    Nirvana    NonExist    Norther    Novembre    The Ocean    Oceansize    Omega Experiment    Opus Atlantica    Roy Orbison    Martin Orford    Osada Vida    OSI    Ozzy Osbourne    Pagan's Mind    Pain    Pantommind    Paradise Lost    Passenger    A Perfect Circle    Persefone    Phideaux    Poison    Porno for Pyros    Poverty's No Crime    Pretty Maids    Primal Fear    Primordial    Primus    Prymary    Pure Reason Revolution    Pygmy Love Circus    Pyramaze    Quandary    RacerX    Rage Against the Machine    A. R. Rahman    Rammstein    Ratt    Chris Rea    The Reasoning    Red Dragon Cartel    Red Hot Chili Peppers    Ring of Fire    Rise to Remain    Lee Ritenour    Robbie Robertson    Rocket Scientists    Michael Romeo    Roots    Don Ross    RPWL    Sabaton    Sade    The Safety Fire    Saga    Sanctuary    Saosin    Joe Satriani    Satyricon    Savatage    Saxon    Saybia    Scale the Summit    Scratch Matinée    Screaming Trees    Section A    Sepultura    Sevendust    Seventh Key    Sex Pistols    Marco Sfogli    Shadowland    Shinedown    Shining (NO)    Sigur Rós    Silent Call (SE)    Silent Force    69 Eyes    Skillet    Skyfire    Skyharbor    Slamer    Slavior    Smashing Pumpkins    Michael W. Smith    The Smiths    Soft Machine    Soilwork    Solar    Solbrud    Solution .45    Sonata Arctica    Sonic Youth    Soulfly    Special EFX    Spheric Universe Experience    Spiral Architect    Squarepusher    Staind    Star of Ash    Star One    Stealing Axion    Steel Prophet    Mike Stern    Cat Stevens   Stick to Your Guns    Stiltskin    Roine Stolt    Joss Stone    Stone Sour    Stone Temple Pilots    Storm Corrosion    Stormlord    Strapping Young Lad    Structures    Stray Dog Strut    Styx    Sublime    Suffocation    Summoning    Sun Caged    Sunn O)))    SuperHeavy    Suspyre    Sylvan    System of a Down    Talk Show    Talk Talk    Tangent    Geoff Tate    Teenage Fanclub    Temple of the Dog    Tesla    Therion    Thinking Plague    Third Eye Blind    Steve Thorne    Thorns    Thrice    Tiamat    TILES    Time Symmetry    Tomorrow's Eve    Toto    Devin Townsend    Toxic Smile    Transatlantic    Type O Negative    Ufych Sormeer    Ugly Kid Joe    Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain    Van der Graaf Generator    Vangough    Velvet Revolver    Vildhjarta    Voivod    Volbeat    Volumes    Votum    Martha Wainwright    Rufus Wainwright    Wallflowers    Watchtower    Muddy Waters    Scott Weiland    John West    While Heaven Wept    Whitechapel    White Lion    Whitesnake    William Blakes    Damian Wilson    Ray Wilson    The Winery Dogs    Wings    WinterStrain   Steve Winwood    Wolverine    Written in Torment    Wuthering Heights    Robert Wyatt    Xerath    XTC    Michelle Young    Frank Zappa    Rob Zombie

As you can see, there's a lot of variation, a group for every mood 8)

Groups & artists that I have enjoyed listening to

Abba    Adam and the Ants    Alan Parsons Project    Tori Amos    Animals    Asia    Bad Company    Joan Baez    The Band    Barclay James Harvest    Syd Barrett    Beach Boys    Bee Gees    Blood, Sweat and Tears    Bon Jovi    Boomtown Rats    Boston    Bread    Jack Bruce    Chris de Burgh    Burning Red Ivanhoe    Kate Bush    Byrds    J.J. Cale    Canned Heat    Carpenters    Chicago    Eric Clapton    Joe Cocker    Leonard Cohen    Coldplay    Colosseum    Ry Cooder    Chick Corea    Elvis Costello    Country Joe & the Fish    Crosby, Stills and Nash (& Young)    Deep Purple    John Denver    Derek and the Dominoes    Céline Dion    Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show    Donovan    Dragonforce    Eagles    801    Elbow    Enya    Eurythmics    Everly Brothers    Fabulous Four    Family    Fleetwood Mac    Focus    Free    Frost*    Rory Gallagher    Grateful Dead    Guess Who    Arlo Guthrie    Bo Hansson    Hawkwind    Heart    Jimi Hendrix    Hollies    Hoola Bandoola Band    Hot Tuna    Humble Pie    Billy Idol    It's a Beautiful Day    Jean-Michel Jarre    Jefferson Airplane    Billy Joel    Janis Joplin    C.V. Jørgensen    Karunesh    Kinks    Kitaro    Annie Lennox    Lovin' Spoonful    Lynyrd Skynyrd    Made in Sweden    Madness    Madonna    The Mamas & the Papas    Manticora    Massive Attack    Matisyahu    John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers    Curtis Mayfield    Meat Loaf    Melanie    Midnight Sun (DK)    Patrick Moraz    Motörhead    Mountain    My Dying Bride    Oasis    Olivia Newton-John    Tom Paxton    Peter, Paul and Mary    Police    Iggy Pop    Portishead    Pretenders    Procol Harum    Rainbow    Otis Redding    Lou Reed     Return to Forever    Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber    Pugh Rogefeldt    Linda Ronstadt    Roxy Music    Bianca Ryan    Scorpions    Pete Seeger    Shubidua    Paul Simon    Slade    Spencer Davis Group    Sting    SW-80    Talking Heads    Taste    Temptations    Ten Years After    Texas    Jukka Tolonen    T. Rex    Ike & Tina Turner    TV-2    Uriah Heep    Vangelis    Vanilla Fudge    Velvet Underground    Rick Wakeman    West, Bruce & Laing    Wilco    Robbie Williams    Yanni    Yardbirds    Paul Young

Fave groups currently

Periphery    Fear Factory    Bal-Sagoth    Ministry    Wintersun    Veil of Maya    Pain of Salvation    Opeth    SikTh    Architects    Muse    Tesseract    The Black Dahlia Murder    The Faceless    Meshuggah    R.E.M.    Moby    The Contortionist    Live    Conjure One

There's more to my listening profile, but due to character limits, I'v had to continue it in my next posts further down. There you'll find lists of fave musicians, a list of classic songs, a list of groups (for me) to check out, and a shopping list (for me too) ;D

- Nicky
So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


Those are all "the greatest".

Have you ever considered listening to some smaller bands?
I think you might like bands like:
- Satellite (Evening Games (brilliant album), melodic keyboard driven neo-prog from Polen)
- Magic Pie (Both albums, I especially love the new album, it's so good! It sounds a bit like Dream Theater at times! Very cool guitarwork, nice riffs. A bit Spock's Beardish too.
- which brings me to this one: I see Spock's Beard is missing in your list. It's also one of those "greatest". And Neal Morse too!
- Overhead you can download their first album from their website. RECOMMENDED TO FLOYD FANS!
- A.C.T, can't recommend them often enough. They're very underrated, they should be amongst "the greatest"
- The Watch, nice Genesis clone! And Neuschwanstein, old Genesis clone.

Apart from the ones I already recommended to you! ;)


Thanks a lot, PH. Got'm noted.

I'm always happy to get tips, particularly from people I share my passions with as closely as I do with you, PH.

Spock's Beard were a hair's breadth from making it into my "sure" list. But I have to listen more to them.

I find Neal Morse great too, but that's more for his courage and lyrics than for his music.

I like A.C.T a lot, and sure, they are underrated, but I wouldn't rate them at the level of Arena or Dream Theater.

The other groups, I don't really know yet, but with your recoms, I'll get their albums, once the finances budge from the absolute zero point.

Nicky's listening profile continued

Fave singers

Abbath Doom Occulta    Eric Adams    Damon Albarn    Ray Alder    Russell Allen    Tarkan Alp    Ian Anderson    Jon Anderson    Johannes Andersson    Mike Andersson    Phil Anselmo    Tom Araya    Torben Askholm    Matt Barlow    Nick Barrett    Adrian Belew    Gary Belin    Burton C. Bell    Joey Belladonna    Matthew Bellamy    Chuck Billy    Cedric Bixler-Zavala    Wade Black    Blackie Lawless    Stu Block    Randy Blythe    Mark Boals    Bono    Christina Booth    Élodie Bouchonnet    David Bowie    James Dean Bradfield    Matthew Bradley    Steve Broughton    Jeff Buckley    Tim Buckley    John Bush    Brett Caldas-Lima    Jerry Cantrell    Kelly Carpenter    John Carson    Sam Carter    Johnny Cash    Bob Catley    Gary Cherone    Kelly Clarkson    Les Claypool    Kurt Cobain    Phil Collins    Alice Cooper    D.C. Cooper    Chris Cornell    David Coverdale    Attila Csihar    Roger Daltrey    Benoît David    Jonathan Davis    Jon Davison    Céline Dion    Charlie Dominici    Bret Douglas    Lee Douglas    Joe Duplantier    Nick D'Virgilio    Joey Eppard    Michael Eriksen    Everlast    Eduardo Falaschi    Kobi Farhi    Henrik Fevre    Fish    John Fogerty    Anders Fridén    Peter Gabriel    Lisa Gerrard    Daniel Gildenlöw    David Gilmour    Mikee Goodman    Devon Graves    Andrew Groves    Sammy Hagar    Rob Halford    Jacob Hansen    Matt Heafy    Anita Hegerland     Mikko von Hertzen    James Hetfield     Justin Hill    Steve Hogarth    Joshua Homme    Gary Hughes    ICS Vortex    Ihsahn    Doug Ingle    Michael Jackson    Mick Jagger    Floor Jansen    Irene Jansen    Björn Jansson    Ross Jennings    Alain Johannes    Elton John    Daniel de Jongh    Janis Joplin    Alien Jourgensen    Tomi Joutsen    Blake Judd    Steen Jørgensen    Tommy Karevik    John Kay    Maynard James Keenan    Myles Kennedy    Khan    Jens Kidman    Julie Kiss    Mark Knopfler    Leo Kottke     Ed Kowalczyk    Andi Kravljaca    Andy Kuntz    Hansi Kürsch    Tommy Körberg    Phil Labonte    James LaBrie    Jørn Lande    Lana Lane     Blackie Lawless    Geddy Lee    Tom Lehrer    John Lennon    Ted Leonard    Mats Levén    Kenny Lübcke    Jeff Lynne    Dennis Lyxzén    Mac    Paul Mackie    Russell Mael    Jari Mäenpää    Maniac    Paul Manzi    Jeff Martin (TTP)    Lol Mason    Paul Masvidal    Andre Matos    Brian May    Paul McCartney   Casey McPherson    Arno Menses    Freddie Mercury    Midnight    Gus Monsanto    Ivan Moody    Alanis Morissette    Jim Morrison    Neal Morse    Dave Mustaine    Rick Mythiasin    Aaron Neville    Clive Nolan    Obsidian Claw    Sinéad O'Connor    Tim "Ripper" Owens    Ozzy Osbourne    Dave Padden    Ian Parry    Passenger    Mike Patton    Grant Petty    Mike Pinera    PJ Harvey    Robert Plant    Greg Puciato    Trevor Rabin    Alan Reed     Maggie Reilly    Danishta Rivero    Byron Roberts    Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr.    Henry Rollins    Axl Rose    Matt Rose    Erik Rosvold    Luiss Roux    Kristoffer Rygg    Herman Saming    Diana Serra    M. Shadows    Shagrath    Natasha Shneider    Simo Silvan    Simone Simons    Helen Sjöholm    Einar Solberg    Spencer Sotelo    Rob Sowden    Layne Staley    Jasper Steverlinck    Eric Stewart    Michael Stipe    Joss Stone    Agnieszka Swita    Geoff Tate    Jonny Tatum    Corey Taylor    Thebon    Theresa Thomason    Tiny Tim    Glenn Tipton    Daniel Tompkins    Bonnie Tyler    Steve Vai    Eddie Vedder    David Vincent    Vintersorg    Vurtox    Rody Walker    Roy Ward    Roger Waters    Scott Weiland    John West    Robbie Williams    Ann Wilson    Damian Wilson    Philip Wilson    Steven Wilson    Kip Winger    Steve Winwood    Paul Wrightson    Neil Young    Thom Yorke    Paul Young    Mikael Åkerfeldt    Christian Älvestam

Fave guitarists

Tosin Abasi    Abbath Doom Occulta    Willie Adler    Carlos Alomar    Christian Andreu    Frank Aresti    Trey Azagthoth    Michael Philip Barber    Nick Barrett    Rajk Barthel    Zoltan Bathory    Reb Beach    Corey Beaulieu    Jeff Beck    Adrian Belew    Nuno Bettencourt    Rafael Bittencourt    Doug Blair    Jake Bowen    James Dean Bradfield    John Browne    Øystein G. Brun    Richard Brunelle    Peter Buck    Buckethead    Vinny Burns    Martin Buus    Rob Caggiano    Brett Caldas-Lima    Jerry Cantrell    Dino Cazares    Adam Christianson    Eric Clapton    Tony Clarkin    Rusty Cooley    Dimebag Darrell    Chris DeGarmo    Santiago Dobles    K.K. Downing    Jon Drenning    Joe Duplantier    Nick van Dyk   Björn Eliasson    Torben Enevoldsen    Niclas Engelin    Rune Eriksen    Exo    Richie Faulkner    Robin Finck    Stephan Forté    Chris Francis    Marty Friedman    Robert Fripp    Reece Fullwood    Reeves Gabrels    Galder    Björn Gelotte    Ghul    Paul Gilbert    David Gilmour    Peter Green    Jonny Greenwood    Joel Gregoire    Charles Griffiths    Karl Groom    Adrien Grousset    Andrew Groves    Steve Hackett    Mårten Hagström    Kirk Hammett    Jeff Hanneman    Michael Harris    George Harrison    Mats Haugen    Head    Matt Heafy    Jimi Hendrix    Bart Hennephof    Richard Henshall    Oli Herbert    Kie von Hertzen    Mikko von Hertzen     Brent Hinds    Mark Holcomb    Joshua Homme    Jason Hook    Luke Hoskin    Steve Howe    Jonathan Hultén    Hupogrammos    Scott Ian    Ihsahn    Tony Iommi    Ben Jackson    Jochem Jacobs    Ron Jarzombek    Jesper M Jensen    Marcus Jidell    Alain Johannes    Adam Jones    Alien Jourgensen    Blake Judd    Acle Kahney    Pepper Keenan    Bill Kelliher    Myles Kennedy    Kerry King    Jacob Kjaer    Jonas Kjellgren    Mark Knopfler    Leo Kottke    Robby Krieger    Øystein Landsverk    Johan Liefvendahl    Alex Lifeson    Lori Linstruth    Karl Logan    Jeff Loomis    Kiko Loureiro    Arjen Anthony Lucassen    Flemming C. Lund    Tom MacLean    Jari Mäenpää    Brian Maillard    Misha Mansoor    Teemu Mäntysaari    Mattias Marklund    Jeff Martin    Mike Martin    Paul Masvidal    Jim Matheos    Niall Mathewson    Chris Maudling    Brian May    Brian McAlpin    John McLaughlin    Keith Merrow    Nick Midson    Tim Millar    John Mitchell    James Monteith    Keith More    Tore Moren    Alan Morse    Steve Morse    Mark Morton    Munky    Dave Mustaine    Timo Niemistö    Per Nilsson    Ed O'Brien    Obsidian Claw    André Olbrich    Mike Oldfield    Kim Olesen    Criss Oliva    Jimmy Page    Eric Peterson    John Petrucci    Mike Pinera    Graham "Pin" Pinney    Daniel Pålsson    Sin Quirin    Sami Raatikainen    Trevor Rabin    Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt    Johan Reinholdz    Javier Reyes    Patrick Reyes    Rene Rieland    Dan Rock    Omar Rodriguez-Lopez    Michael Romeo    Jim Root    Stefan Rosqvist    John Roth    Steve Rothery    Jens F. Ryland    Yossi Sassi    Mike Scaccia    Jon Schaffer    Arne Schuppner    Tom Searle     Marco Sfogli    David Shankle    Marcus Siepen    Silenoz    Alex Skolnick    Mike Slamer    Slash   Sol'Faur    Oliver Steele    Kristofer Steen    Markus Steffen    Mike Stone    Izzy Stradlin    Jesper Strömblad    Jason Suecof    Tor Oddmund Suhrke    Matti Svatitzki    Patrik Svärd    Synyster Gates    Teloch    Loïc Tézénas    Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal    Mick Thomson    Fredrik Thordendal    Glenn Tipton    Jasun Tipton    Pete Townshend    Steve Vai    Knut M. Valle    Eddie Van Halen    Bernie Versailles    Vintersorg    Vurtox    Paul Waggoner    Dustie Waring    Jeff Waters    Gary Wehrkamp    Benjamin Weinman    Dan Weller    Steven Wilson    Michael Wilton    Thomas Youngblood    Zacky Vengeance    Adam Zaars    Tore Østby    Mikael Åkerfeldt    Fredrik Åkesson

Fave bassists

Kylan Amos    Johannes Andersson    Felipe Andreoli    Sean Andrews    Michael Anthony    Apollyon    Tom Araya    Pat Badger    Lee Barrett    Al Barrow    Glenn Barry    Matthias Becker    Bryan Beller    Frank Bello    Rein Blomquist    Andreas Blomqvist    Dan Briggs    Jack Bruce    Adam Burton    Geezer Butler    Simen Daniel Børven    John Campbell    Justin Chancellor    Stuart Chatwood    Tony Choy    Johnny Christ    Greg Christian    Les Claypool    Randy Coven    Benoist Danneville    Gert Daun    John Deacon    Alex Dean    Joey DeMaio    Devillian    Joe DiBiase    Steve DiGiorgio    Lee Dorman    Mike Duda    Chris Dunn    Colin Edwin    David Ellefson    John Entwistle    Ward Evans    Henrik Fevre    Fieldy    Magnus Flagge    Peter Gee    Randy George    Thibaut Gerard    Adam Getgood    Kristoffer Gildenlöw    Alan Goldstein    Billy Gould    Paul Gray    Rick Grech    Mark Greenwell    Colin Greenwood    Paolo Gregoletto    Mark Harrington    Jonne von Hertzen    Ian Hill    Oliver Holzwarth    Peter Iwers    Ed Jackson    Jon Jeary    John Paul Jones    John Jowitt    Chris Kael    Shawn Kascak    Todd Kerns    Jukka Koskinen    Jean-Michel Labadie    Dave LaRue    James Leach    Geddy Lee    Shane Lentz    Michael Lepond    Tony Levin    Jeff Lords    Dick Lövgren    Alistair MacLatchy    Tom MacLean    Sean Malone    Luís Mariutti    Mike Martin    Duff McKagan    Steve McKenna    Martin Mendez    Dave Meros    Thomas Miller    Mike Mills    Hugh "Skoll" Mingay    Arif Mirabdolbaghi    Steen Mogensen    Graeme Murray    John Myung    Glen Møllen    Mike Neal    Necrobutcher    Lars Norberg    Håkan Nyander    Cliff Orsi    Andreas Passmark    Hans Persson    Haynes Pherson    Jason Porter    Steve Reyes    Jeanne Sagan    Ian Salmon    Troy Sanders    Per Schelander    Ralf Schwager    Daniel Scrivener    Kenneth Seil    Billy Sheehan    Jim Sheppard    Martin Skrebergene    Tommy Stinson    Adam Freeman Swan    Sean Tibbetts    Remko Tielemans    Troy Tipton    Pete Trewavas    Robert Trujillo    David Vincent    Roger Waters    Alex Webster    Amos Williams    Liam Wilson    Kip Winger    Nicky Wire    Klaus Wirzenius    Wizziac     Christopher Wolstenholme    Uri Zelcha

Fave keyboardists

Don Airey    André Andersen    Tony Banks    Richard Barbieri    John Bechdel    David Bertok    Roddy Bottum    Ronnie Brown    Kevin Codfert    Uri Dijk    Geoff Downes    Brian Eno    Lasse Finbråten    Rick Flores    Chris Franke    Edgar Froese    Trent Gardner    Arbise Gonzalez    Matt Guillory    Antti Hakulinen    Paul Haslinger    Martin Hedin    Paul Hodson    Tony Hymas    Doug Ingle    Steinar Sverd Johnsen    Mark Kelly    Juha Kuoppala    Tom Lehrer    Ray Manzarek    Andre Matos    Jonny Maudling    Kevin Moore    Patrick Moraz    Mustis    Lars A. Nedland    Clive Nolan    Erik Norlander    Ryo Okumoto    Mats Olausson    Oliver Palotai    Michael Pinnella    Chris Pitman    Laurent Pouget    Dizzy Reed    Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr.    Jordan Rudess    Demi Scott    Daniel Scrivener    Hugo Sheppard    Derek Sherinian    Mark Stanway    Andreas Söderin    Richard Tandy    Diego Tejeida    Max Thomas    Vangelis    Rick Wakeman    Richard West    Bobby Williamson    Rick Wright    Finn Zierler

Fave drummers

Chris Adler    Steven Adler    Tobias Ørnes Andersen    Mark Arrington    Daryl Atkins    Martin Axenrot    Nicholas Barker    Kevin Bartlett    Danilo Batdorf    Charlie Benante    Laurent Bendahan    Bill Berry    John Bonham    Mike Bordin    Paul Bostaph    Terry Bozzio    Brain    Stef Broks    Bill Bruford    Jeff Burrows    Ron Bushy    Matt Cameron    Jim Capaldi    Danny Carey    Moe Carlson    Richard Christy    Louie Clemente    Jeremy Colson    Scott Columbus    Ricardo Confessori    Jason Costa    Shawn Crahan    Brann Dailor    John Densmore    Avi Diamond    Mike Dupke    Mario Duplantier   Nick D'Virgilio    Frank Ferrer    Kevin Figueiredo    Brent Fitz    Dan "Loord" Foord    Colin Fraser    Tomas Fredén    Josh Freese    Matt Garstka    Paul Geary    Jim Gordon    Sam Greenland    Casey Grillo    Dave Grohl    Mike Guy    Tomas Haake    Kai Hahto    Matt Halpern    Brian Harris    Gavin Harrison    Truls Haugen    Raymond Hearne    Roel van Helden    Mike Heller    Hellhammer    Scott Higham    Gene Hoglan    Dave Holland    Alex Holzwarth    Horgh    Dominic Howard    Paul "Wak" Jackson    Harry James    Johanne James    Bobby Jarzombek    Fredrik Joakimsson    Joey Jordison    Mikko Kaakkuriniemi    Matt Kanzler    Baard Kolstad    Navene Koperweis    Jari Kuokkanen    Kaj Laege    Roger Landin    Norm Leggio    Thomas Lejon    Jakob Ljungberg    Dave Lombardo    Martin Lopez    Ray Luzier    John Macaluso    Dave Mackintosh    Yan Maillard    Chris Maitland    Jens Maluschka    Mike Malyan    Mike Mangini    Florent Marcadet    Nick Mason    Matt McKenna    Nick Menza    John Merryman    Asgeir Mickelson    Keith Moon    Sean Moore    Greg Morgan    Rod Morgenstein    Ian Mosley    Adel Moustafa    Dan Mullins    Henrik Ohlsson    Kenneth Olsen    Mike Park    Neil Peart    Simon Phillips    Akos Pirisi    Mick Pointer    Mike Portnoy    Jay Postones    Cozy Powell    Aquiles Priester    Chris Quirarte    Sean Reinert    The Rev    Rhino    Blake Richardson    Scott Rockenfield    Giann Rubio    Alex Rüdinger    Jason Rullo    Johnny Sandin    Pete Sandoval    David Sandström    Dan Searle     Philip Selway    Gil Sharone    David Silveria    Brent Smedley    Travis Smith    Matt Sorum    Jeremy Spencer    Rob Stankiewicz    Ringo Starr    Thomas Stauch    Daniel Svensson    Allan Sørensen    Morten Sørensen    Roger Taylor    John Tempesta    Matt Thompson    Scott Travis    Trym    Lars Ulrich    Alex Van Halen    Dirk Verbeuren    Vyl    Steve Wacholz    Brooks Wackerman    Tom Walling    Bill Ward    Roy Ward    Paul Westwood    Van Williams    Mark Zonder

Fave composers

André Andersen    Burton C. Bell    David Bowie    Brett Caldas-Lima    Dino Cazares    Rusty Cooley    Rune Eriksen    Edgar Froese    Rhys Fulber    Trent Gardner    Garm    Daniel Gildenlöw    Peter Green    Mats Haugen    Alien Jourgensen    Acle Kahney     Ed Kowalczyk    Lennon/McCartney    Jeff Loomis    Ron Mael    Jari Mäenpää    Misha Mansoor    Chris Maudling    Jonny Maudling    Clive Nolan    Obsidian Claw    Mike Oldfield    Jimmy Page    John Petrucci    Einar Solberg    Daniel Scrivener    Tom Searle    Michael Stipe    Glenn Tipton    Roger Waters    Dan Weller    Mikael Åkerfeldt

Fave lyricists

Jon Anderson    Burton C. Bell    Brett Caldas-Lima    Sam Carter    Bob Dylan     Daniel Gildenlöw    Mikee Goodman    Alien Jourgensen    Ed Kowalczyk    Blackie Lawless    Jari Mäenpää    Neal Morse    Clive Nolan    Obsidian Claw    John Petrucci    Byron Roberts    Spencer Sotelo    Michael Stipe    Glenn Tipton    Roger Waters

Fave producers, mixers, and masterers

Roy Thomas Baker    Glen Ballard    Burton C. Bell    Jens Bogren    Brett Caldas-Lima    Dino Cazares    Adam Dutkiewicz    Brian Eno    Bob Ezrin    Bruce Fairbairn    Børge Finstad    Flood    Rhys Fulber    Jacob Hansen    Trevor Horn    Ihsahn    Acle Kahney    Neil Kernon    Mutt Lange    Daniel Lanois    Jari Mäenpää    Jonny Maudling    Obsidian Claw    John Petrucci    Nick Raskulinecz    Bob Rock    Rick Rubin    Andy Sneap    Tony Visconti    Andy Wallace    Steven Wilson    Muff Winwood

Fave illustrators

Daryl Atkins    Roger Dean    Cameron Gray    Martin Hanford    Hipgnosis    Simon Lee    Jean Michel    Mattias Norén    Niall Parkinson    Luis Royo    Travis Smith    Hugh Syme    Storm Thorgerson    Mark Wilkinson

Fave record labels

Atlantic Records    Candlelight Records    Century Media Records    Frontier Records    Indie Recordings    InsideOut Music    kscope    Metal Blade    Nuclear Blast    Rhino    Roadrunner    Season of Mist    Snapper Music    Sony Music Entertainment    SPV    Sumerian Records    Swan Song    13th Planet Records

Classic songs

I've stopped the list with 2016 as I increasingly listed entire albums.

Architects:  All Love Is Lost                                      (2016)
Architects:  Deathwish
Architects:  Downfall
Architects:  The Empty Hourglass
Architects:  From The Wilderness
Architects:  Gone With The Wind
Architects:  Gravity
Architects:  A Match Made In Heaven
Architects:  Memento Mori
Architects:  Nihilist
Architects:  Phantom Fear
David Bowie:  Blackstar
David Bowie:  Dollar Days
David Bowie:  Girl Loves Me
David Bowie:  I Can't Give Everything Away
David Bowie:  Lazarus
David Bowie:  Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)
David Bowie:  'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore
Periphery:  Absolomb
Periphery:  Catch Fire
Periphery:  Flatline
Periphery:  Habitual Line-Stepper
Periphery:  Lune
Periphery:  Marigold
Periphery:  Motormouth
Periphery:  Prayer Position
Periphery:  The Price Is Wrong
Periphery:  Remain Indoors
Periphery:  The Way The News Goes...
Darkology:  Beyond The Grave                                   (2015)
Darkology:  The Eyes Of The Machine
Darkology:  Fated To Burn
Darkology:  Festival Of Fear
Darkology:  Holy
Darkology:  Kill Me If You Can
Darkology:  The Nightmare King
Darkology:  On Morrow's Break
Darkology:  Quantum Genocide
Darkology:  Shadows Of Oth
Darkology:  21st Century Frankensteins (Nobot II)
Fear Factory:  Anodized
Fear Factory:  Autonomous Combat System
Fear Factory:  Battle For Utopia
Fear Factory:  Church Of Execution
Fear Factory:  Dielectric
Fear Factory:  Expiration Date
Fear Factory:  Genexus
Fear Factory:  ProtoMech
Fear Factory:  Regenerate
Fear Factory:  Soul Hacker
Keep of Kalessin:  Cosmic Revelation (Intro)
Keep of Kalessin:  Dark Divinity
Keep of Kalessin:  Epistemology
Keep of Kalessin:  The Grand Design
Keep of Kalessin:  Introspection
Keep of Kalessin:  Necropolis
Keep of Kalessin:  The Spiritual Relief
Keep of Kalessin:  Universal Core
Lamb of God:  512
Leprous:  Down
Leprous:  Lower
Leprous:  Moon
Leprous:  Rewind
Leprous:  Slave
Leprous:  Third Law
Refused:  Old Friends / New War
Cloudscape:  New Design                                         (2014)
House of Lords:  Battle
Winger:  Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine
Winger:  Rat Race
Yes:  Believe Again
Yes:  The Game
Yes:  In A World Of Our Own
Yes:  It Was All We Knew
Yes:  Light Of The Ages
Yes:  Step Beyond
Yes:  Subway Walls
Yes:  To Ascend
Alice in Chains:  Hollow                                            (2013)
Arcane Roots:  Belief
Arcane Roots:  Resolve
Arcane Roots:  Second Breath
Arcane Roots:  Triptych
Boil:  Vindication
David Bowie:  Where Are We Now ?
Dream Theater:  Along For The Ride
Dream Theater:  Behind The Veil
Dream Theater:  The Bigger Picture
Dream Theater:  The Enemy Inside
Dream Theater:  Enigma Machine
Dream Theater:  Illumination Theory
Dream Theater:  The Looking Glass
Dream Theater:  Surrender To Reason
Hacride:  Requiem For A Lullaby
Kashmir:  Peace in the Heart
Kashmir:  Seraphina
Kashmir:  This Love, This Love
Keep of Kalessin:  Introspection
Killswitch Engage:  Always
Leprous:  Chronic
Leprous:  The Cloak
Leprous:  Coal
Leprous:  Echo
Leprous:  Foe
Leprous:  Salt
Leprous:  The Valley
Clive Nolan:  King Explains
Protest the Hero:  Clarity
Protest the Hero:  Mist
Subsignal:  A Long Way Since The Earth Crashed
Circus Maximus:  Architect Of Fortune                         (2012)
Circus Maximus:  Burn After Reading
Circus Maximus:  I Am
Circus Maximus:  The Last Goodbye
Circus Maximus:  Reach Within
Fear Factory:  Depraved Mind Murder
Fear Factory:  Difference Engine
Fear Factory:  Disassemble
Fear Factory:  God Eater
Fear Factory:  Human Augmentation
Fear Factory:  The Industrialist
Fear Factory:  New Messiah
Fear Factory:  Recharger
Fear Factory:  Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed
Fear Factory:  Virus Of Faith
Flying Colors:  The Storm
Jeff Loomis:  Continuum Drift
Jeff Loomis:  Escape Velocity
Jeff Loomis:  Mercurial
Jeff Loomis:  Requiem For The Living
Jeff Loomis:  Sibylline Origin
Jeff Loomis:  Tragedy and Harmony
Jeff Loomis:  The Ultimatum
Matisyahu:  Sunshine
Monuments:  97% Static
Alanis Morissette:  Guardian
Passenger:  Let Her Go
Periphery:  Erised
Periphery:  Ji
Rush:  Caravan
Rush:  Clockwork Angels
Rush:  The Garden
Rush:  The Wreckers
Saturnian:  Aphotic
Saturnian:  Construct-Illusion
Saturnian:  Dimensions
Saturnian:  Eternal Eclipse / Lament For The Lost
Saturnian:  Immaculate Deception
Saturnian:  Into Ethera
Saturnian:  Origins Of The Future
Saturnian:  The Shadow Of Prophecy
Saturnian:  Traces Of The Past
Saturnian:  Wreathed In Flame
Marco Sfogli:  The Forest
Slash with Myles Kennedy:  Anastasia
Soundgarden:  Been Away Too Long
Synkronizity:  Best I Am
Synkronizity:  The Follower
Synkronizity:  Intent
Synkronizity:  Moment Of Confusion
Synkronizity:  Synchronicity
Synkronizity:  Tight Rope
TestAmenT:  Dark Roots Of Earth
To-Mera:  Descent
To-Mera:  Inviting The Storm
Wintersun:  Darkness And Frost
Wintersun:  Sons Of Winter And Stars
Wintersun:  Time
Wintersun:  When Time Fades Away
Animals as Leaders:  Odessa                                       (2011)
Anthrax:  Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't
Anthrax:  In The End
Arena:  Catching The Bullet
Arena:  The Ghost Walks
Arena:  The Tinder Box
Alice Cooper:  I Am Made Of You
Benny Anderssons Orkester:  Allt Syns
Dream Theater:  Breaking All Illusions
Dream Theater:  Lost Not Forgotten
Dream Theater:  On The Backs Of Angels
Dream Theater:  Outcry
Dream Theater:  This Is The Life
Epysode:  Last Sunset
Epysode:  Obsessions
Eumeria:  Father
Eumeria:  Legion
Eumeria:  Rebel Mind
Five Finger Death Punch:  Under And Over It
Gromth:  Enemy
Jolly:  The Pattern
Mindflow:  Break Me Out
Opeth:  The Devil's Orchard
Pendragon:  This Green And Pleasant Land
PJ Harvey:  The Glorious Land
PJ Harvey:  The Last Living Rose
PJ Harvey:  Let England Shake
PJ Harvey:  The Words That Maketh Murder
Queensrÿche:  Around The World
Redemption:  Blink Of An Eye
Redemption:  Departure Of The Pale Horse
Redemption:  Let It Rain
Redemption:  Perfect
Symphony X:  Dehumanized
Symphony X:  The End Of Innocence
Symphony X:  Iconoclast
Ten:  Stormwarning
TesseracT:  Eden
Textures:  Consonant Hemispheres
Textures:  Reaching Home
Yes:  Into The Storm
Yes:  Sad Night At The Airfield
Yes:  We Can Fly
Anthriel:  Chains Of The Past                                        (2010)
Anthriel:  Guardian
Anthriel:  Mirror Games
Avenged Sevenfold:  Victim
Charred Walls of the Damned:  Ghost Town
Charred Walls of the Damned:  From The Abyss
Charred Walls of the Damned:  Manifestations
Fear Factory:  Christploitation
Fear Factory:  Controlled Demolition
Fear Factory:  Designing The Enemy
Fear Factory:  Fear Campaign
Fear Factory:  Final Exit
Fear Factory:  Industrial Discipline
Fear Factory:  Mechanize
Fear Factory:  Metallic Division
Fear Factory:  Powershifter
Five Finger Death Punch:  Far From Home
Peter Gabriel:  The Power Of The Heart
Haken:  Celestial Elixir
Haken:  Streams
Keep of Kalessin:  The Awakening
Keep of Kalessin:  Dragon Iconography
Keep of Kalessin:  The Dragontower
Keep of Kalessin:  Reptilian Majesty
Manic Street Preachers:  The Descent (Pages 1 & 2)
Manic Street Preachers:  Hazelton Avenue
Manic Street Preachers:  I Think I Found It
Manic Street Preachers:  (It's Not War) Just the End Of Love
Manic Street Preachers:  Some Kind Of Nothingness
Negura Bunget:  Dacia Hiperboreana
Radiance:  The Burning Sun
Royal Hunt:  King For A Day
Royal Hunt:  The Last Leaf
Royal Hunt:  Sixth Sense
Royal Hunt:  The Well
Seventh Wonder:  Alley Cat
Seventh Wonder:  The Great Escape
Seventh Wonder:  Long Way Home

The list is continued in my next post ....

- Nicky.
So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


Yay! Another one that actually likes 6 Degrees from DT!

What's your opinion on Threshold?
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Quote from: Appelmoes?? on Mon, 2007-05-21, 18:23:49
Yay! Another one that actually likes 6 Degrees from DT!

You're wrong, Appelmoes, I'm crazy about it. I've been listening to little else this past week (except, of course, Arena). Now I'm getting into Train of Thought, and it also seems to be a killer.

What's your opinion on Threshold?

Critical Mass is my favorite T-album at this point. That's probably because there are a lot of relatively quiet moments on it, and I like Threshold more than thrash-old.

Classic songs continued

Adagio:  Archangels In Black                                         (2009)
Alice In Chains:  All Secrets Known
Alice In Chains:  Check My Brain
Amorphis:  Silver Blade
Amorphis:  Skyforger
Amorphis:  Sky Is Mine
Animals as Leaders:  CAFO
Anubis Gate:  Options - Going Nowhere
Anubis Gate:  Pyramid
Anubis Gate:  Yiri
Dream Theater:  The Best Of Times
Dream Theater:  The Count Of Tuscany
Dream Theater:  The Shattered Fortress
Five Finger Death Punch:  Hard To See
Guilt Machine:  Green And Cream
Guilt Machine:  Leland Street
Guilt Machine:  Over
Guilt Machine:  Twisted Coil
Kalisia:  Cybion
Muse:  Guiding Light
Muse:  Resistance
Muse:  Undisclosed Desires
Queensrÿche:  Remember Me
Queensrÿche:  At 30,000 Ft
Subsignal:  Paradigm
Subsignal:  The Sea
Subsignal:  Walking With Ghosts
Subsignal:  Where Angels Fear To Tread
Them Crooked Vultures:  Elephants
Them Crooked Vultures:  Interlude With Ludes
Winger:  After All This Time
Winger:  Always Within Me
Winger:  Come A Little Closer
Winger:  Supernova
Winger:  Witness
Avenged Sevenfold:  Dancing Dead                                  (2008)
Avenged Sevenfold:  Demons
Avenged Sevenfold:  Girl I Know
Avenged Sevenfold:  Until The End
Bullet For My Valentine:  Forever And Always
Caamora:  Embrace The Fire
Caamora:  The Bonding
Cloudscape:  Alagoas
Cloudscape:  Darkest Legacy
Cloudscape:  Fragile
Cynic:  Evolutionary Sleeper
Warrel Dane:  Brother
Dominici:  Liquid Lightning
Enslaved:  Ground
Gojira:  A Sight To Behold
Guns N' Roses:  Chinese Democracy
Iced Earth:  A Gift Or A Curse ?
Iced Earth:  Come What May
Judas Priest:  Awakening
Judas Priest:  Dawn of Creation
Judas Priest:  Exiled
Judas Priest:  Future Of Mankind
Judas Priest:  Lost Love
Judas Priest:  New Beginnings
Judas Priest:  Pestilence & Plague
Judas Priest:  Prophecy
Judas Priest:  Revelations
Keep of Kalessin:  Against The Gods
Keep of Kalessin:  Ascendant
Keep of Kalessin:  Escape The Union
Keep of Kalessin:  Kolossus
Keep of Kalessin:  The Mark of Power
Keep of Kalessin:  A New Empire's Birth
Keep of Kalessin:  The Rising Sign
Keep of Kalessin:  Warmonger
Jeff Loomis:  Cashmere Shiv
Jeff Loomis:  Jato Unit
Jeff Loomis:  Opulent Maelstrom
Jeff Loomis:  Race Against Disaster
Jeff Loomis:  Shouting Fire At A Funeral
Metallica:  The Unforgiven III
Nachtmystium:  Assassins
Opeth:  Burden
Martin Orford:  Ray Of Hope
Royal Hunt:  Chaos A.C.
Royal Hunt:  Exit Wound
Royal Hunt:  The First Rock
Royal Hunt:  Hostile Breed
Royal Hunt:  Principles Of Paradox
Scar Symmetry:  Morphogenesis
Scar Symmetry:  Prism And Gate
Slipknot:  Snuff
To-Mera:  The Lie
Trivium:  The Calamity
Trivium:  Throes Of Perdition
Anubis Gate:  Beyond Redemption                                          (2007)
Anubis Gate:  Snowbound
Anubis Gate:  This White Storm Through My Mind
Avenged Sevenfold:  Afterlife
Circus Maximus:  A Darkened Mind
Circus Maximus:  Mouth Of Madness
Chris Cornell:  No Such Thing
Dominici:  The Monster
Dream Theater:  Forsaken
Dream Theater:  In The Presence Of Enemies
Dream Theater:  The Ministry Of Lost Souls
Five Finger Death Punch:  The Bleeding
Gary Hughes:  In My Head
Gary Hughes:  See Love Through My Eyes
Gary Hughes:  Veritas
Gary Hughes:  Wide Awake In Dreamland
Iced Earth:  The Clouding
Kamelot:  Blücher
Kamelot:  The Human Stain
Kamelot:  Solitaire / Rule The World
Korn:  Bitch We Got A Problem
Korn:  Hold On
Korn:  Kiss
Manowar:  Die For Metal
Neal Morse:  The Conclusion
Neal Morse:  The Conflict
Neal Morse:  The Door
Neal Morse:  Heaven In My Heart
Pain Of Salvation:  Enter Rain
Porcupine Tree:  Sentimental
Redemption:  Memory
Riverside:  Rapid Eye Movement
Rush:  Armor And Sword
Rush:  Faithless
Rush:  Far Cry
Sieges Even:  Iconic
Sieges Even:  Tidal
Silent Force:  Walk The Earth
Symphony X:  Seven
Symphony X:  The Sacrifice
3:  All That Remains
3:  Been To The Future
Threshold:  Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams
Eddie Vedder:  Guaranteed
A.C.T:  This Wonderful World                                                  (2006)
A.C.T:  Truth Is Pain
All That Remains:  Not Alone
Army of Anyone:  A Better Place
At Vance:  Crucified
Bal-Sagoth:  Arcana Antediluvia
Bal-Sagoth:  Beneath the Crimson Vaults Of Cydonia
Bal-Sagoth:  The Hammer Of The Emperor
Bal-Sagoth:  Invocations Beyond The Outer-World Night
Bal-Sagoth:  The Obsidian Crown Unbound
Bal-Sagoth:  Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu
Bal-Sagoth:  Six Score And Ten Oblations To A Malefic Avatar
Bal-Sagoth:  The Sixth Adulation Of His Chthonic Majesty
Bal-Sagoth:  To Storm The Cyclopean Gates Of Byzantium
Bal-Sagoth:  Unfettering The Hoary Sentinels Of Karnak
Bob Catley:  End Of The Story
Bob Catley:  Spirit Of Man
Bob Catley:  Last Snows Of Winter
Bob Catley:  Spirit Of Man
Dream Theater:  The Spirit Carries On  (Live)
Enslaved:  Heir To The Cosmic Seed
Steve Hackett:  Down Street
Steve Hackett:  Man In The Long Black Coat
In Flames:  Come Clarity
Kamelot:  Center Of The Universe
Kamelot:  Karma
Mastodon:  Siberian Divide
Mastodon:  Sleeping Giant
Mercenary:  Redefine Me
Muse:  Invincible
Muse:  Map Of The Problematique
Muse:  Supermassive Black Hole
Muse:  Take a Bow
Negura Bunget:  Țesarul De Lumini
Outworld:  City Of The Dead
Outworld:  The Grey Tide
Outworld:  I Thanatos
Outworld:  The Never
Outworld:  Outworld
Outworld:  Polar
Outworld:  Raise Hell
Outworld:  Riders
Outworld:  Warcry
Queensrÿche:  If I Could Change It All
Queensrÿche:  Re-Arrange You
Scar Symmetry:  The Illusionist
Scar Symmetry:  The Kaleidoscopic God
Seventh Wonder:  Banish The Wicked
Slamer:  Jaded
Spock's Beard:  On A Perfect Day
Stiltskin:  She
Ten:  Elysian Fields
Ten:  Rome
Ten:  This Heart Goes On
Ten:  Through The Fire
Ten:  Yesterday Lies In The Flames
To-Mera:  Blood
To-Mera:  Born Of Ashes
To-Mera:  Phantoms
To-Mera:  Realm Of Dreams
To-Mera:  Traces
Vanden Plas:  Postcard To God
Adagio:  Dominate                                                                   (2005)
Adagio:  R'lyeh The Dead
Tori Amos:  Sweet The Sting
Anubis Gate:  A Perfect Forever
Arcturus:  Deamon Painter
Arcturus:  Hibernation Sickness Complete
Arcturus:  Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer
Arena:  The Eyes Of Lara Moon
Arena:  Opera Fanatica
Avenged Sevenfold:  Seize The Day
Beyond Twilight:  Ecstacy Arise
Beyond Twilight:  The Path Of Darkness
Beyond Twilight:  Section X
Beyond Twilight:  Shadow Self
Circus Maximus:  The 1st Chapter
Kelly Clarkson:  Breakaway
Coheed and Cambria:  Welcome Home
Dream Theater:  Octavarium
Judas Priest:  Angel
Judas Priest:  Revolution
Judas Priest:  Worth Fighting For
Kamelot:  The Black Halo
Kamelot:  This Pain
Kino:  Losers' Day Parade
Lana Lane & Erik Norlander:  Our Time Now
Lana Lane & Erik Norlander:  Shine On Golden Sun
Mars Volta:  The Widow
Nevermore:  Born
Nevermore:  Sentient 6
Nevermore:  This Godless Endeavor
Opeth:  Ghost Of Perdition
Pallas:  Ghostdancers
Pallas:  The Last Angel
Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation:  The Enchanter
Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation:  Shine It All Around
Porcupine Tree:  Lazarus
Primal Fear:  Diabolus
Redemption:  Sapphire
Redemption:  Transcendence
Royal Hunt:  Not My Kind
Royal Hunt:  Season's Change
Royal Hunt:  Seven Days
Seventh Wonder:  Day By Day
Seventh Wonder:  In The Blink Of An Eye
Shadow Gallery:  Rain
Sieges Even:  The Lonely Views Of Condors
Sieges Even:  Stigmata
Spock's Bread:  She Is Everything
Stride:  Imagine
Ulver:  Blinded By Blood
Steve Vai:  Dying For Your Love
Andromeda:  Arch Angel                                                          (2004)
Andromeda:  The Words Unspoken
Angra:  Wishing Well
Borknagar:  Traveller
Cloudscape:  Aqua 275
Cloudscape:  Everyday Is Up To You
Cloudscape:  Under Fire
Dillinger Escape Plan:  Unretrofied
Disillusion:  ...And The Mirror Cracked
Disillusion:  Back To Times Of Splendor
Disillusion:  A Day By The Lake
Haunted:  Abysmal
Haunted:  All Against All
Iced Earth:  Hollow Man
Iced Earth:  When The Eagle Cries
Mayhem:  Chimera
Mayhem:  Dark Night Of The Soul
Mayhem:  Impious Devious Leper Lord
Mayhem:  My Death
Mayhem:  Rape Humanity With Pride
Mayhem:  Slaughter Of Dreams
Mayhem:  You Must Fall
Orphaned Land:  Building The Ark
Orphaned Land:  A Call To Awake (The Quest)
Seventh Key:  Winds Of War
Skyfire:  Tranquillity's Maze
Slipknot:  Before I Forget
Ten:  Apparition
Ten:  The One
Vintersorg:  The Essence
Wintersun:  Battle Against Time
Wintersun:  Beautiful Death
Wintersun:  Beyond The Dark Sun
Wintersun:  Death and the Healing
Wintersun:  Sadness And Hate
Wintersun:  Sleeping Stars
Wintersun:  Starchild
Wintersun:  Winter Madness
Adagio:  Chosen                                                                   (2003)
Anathema:  A Natural Disaster
Anathema:  Pulled Under At 2000 Metres A Second
Anathema:  Violence
Arena:  Ascension
Arena:  Mea Culpa
Arena:  Painted Man
Arena:  Witch Hunt
Circle II Circle:  Into The Wind
David Bowie:  New Killer Star
Eleven:  Hidden
Eleven:  Howling Book
Eleven:  Kill Me No More
Fish:  The Field
Fish:  Scattering Crows
Gary Hughes:  Excalibur
Gary Hughes:  King For A Day
Gary Hughes:  Shapeshifter
Muse:  Apocalypse Please
Muse:  Falling Away With You
Muse:  Stockholm Syndrome
Muse:  Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
Nevermore:  Noumenon
Nevermore:  Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday
Nevermore:  Who Decides
Redemption:  Departures
Royal Hunt:  Can't Let Go
Royal Hunt:  Edge Of The World
Royal Hunt:  Eye Witness
André Andersen:  Coming Home                                                  (2002)
André Andersen:  Desperate Times
André Andersen:  Eclipse
André Andersen:  Tell Me Why
Arcturus:  Nightmare Heaven
Blind Guardian:  And Then There Was Silence
Blind Guardian:  Precious Jerusalem
Blind Guardian:  Under The Ice
Phil Collins:  Can't Stop Loving You
Phil Collins:  Testify
Dream Theater:  The Great Debate
Peter Gabriel:  Sky Blue
Korn:  Hollow Life
Manowar:  An American Trilogy
Manowar:  The Fight For Freedom
Manowar:  Swords In The Wind
Manowar:  Warriors Of The World United
Alanis Morissette:  Precious Illusions
Alanis Morissette:  21 Things I Want In A Lover
Opus Atlantica:  Edge Of The World
Pain of Salvation:  Second Love
Pearl Jam:  I Am Mine
Pearl Jam:  Thumbing My Way
Porcupine Tree:  Gravity Eyelids
Porcupine Tree:  Trains
Shaman:  Over Your Head
Sort Sol:  Holler High
Symphony X:  Awakenings
Symphony X:  The Odyssey
Threshold:  Avalon
Threshold:  Critical Mass
Threshold:  Round And Round
Vanden Plas:  Cold Wind
Wilco:  Ashes Of American Flags
Robbie Williams:  Feel
Andromeda:  Arch Angel                                                        (2001)
Andromeda:  Crescendo Of Thoughts
Andromeda:  Eclipse
Andromeda:  Extension Of The Wish
Andromeda:  The Words Unspoken
ARK:  Just A Little
Bal-Sagoth:  Atlantis Ascendant
Bal-Sagoth:  The Chronicle Of Shadows
Bal-Sagoth:  Cry Havoc For Glory, And The Annihilation Of The Titans Of Chaos
Bal-Sagoth:  Draconis Albionensis
Bal-Sagoth:  The Dreamer In The Catacombs Of Ur
Bal-Sagoth:  In Search Of The Lost Cities Of Antarctica
Bal-Sagoth:  Star-Maps Of The Ancient Cosmographers
Judas Priest:  Close To You
Judas Priest:  Hell Is Home
Judas Priest:  Lost And Found
Lana Lane & Erik Norlander:  The Nightingale
Marillion:  Between You And Me
Opeth:  Blackwater Park
Opeth:  Bleak
Opeth:  Dirge For November
Opeth:  The Drapery Falls
Opeth:  The Funeral Portrait
Opeth:  Harvest
Opeth:  Leper Affinity
Pendragon:  If I Were The Wind (And You Were The Rain)
Porcupine Tree:  Shemovedon
R.E.M.:  I've Been High
Royal Hunt:  Days Of No Trust
Royal Hunt:  Dreamline
Royal Hunt:  Judgement Day
Royal Hunt:  The Mission
Sort Sol:  Brogue
Sort Sol:  Daddy Howard In Queens
Sort Sol:  Elia Rising
Sort Sol:  Next Century
The Tea Party:  Apathy
The Tea Party:  Soulbreaking
The Tea Party:  Walking Wounded
Yes:  Give Love Each Day
Arena:  The Butterfly Man                                                            (2000)
Arena:  Moviedrome
Dream Theater:  John & Theresa Solo Spot
Eleven:  Beautiful Self
Eleven:  Cool Cruel Baby
Eleven:  What Can I Do
Eleven:  You're Not Alone
Lana Lane & Erik Norlander:  Alexandria
Lana Lane & Erik Norlander:  Asherah
Lana Lane & Erik Norlander:  Secrets Of Astrology
Mayhem:  A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun
Mayhem:  Completion In Science Of Agony
Mayhem:  Crystallized Pain In Deconstruction
Mayhem:  A Grand Declaration Of War
Mayhem:  In The Lies Where Upon You Lay
Mayhem:  A Time To Die
Mayhem:  To Daimonion
Mayhem:  View From Nihil
Nevermore:  Evolution 169
Nevermore:  Heart Collector
Nevermore:  Insignificant
Royal Hunt:  Intervention
Michael W. Smith: Above All
Symphony X:  Egypt
Symphony X:  Evolution
Ten:  Silent Rain
Ten:  The Stranger
Ten:  Valentine
U2:  Beautiful Day
The Wallflowers:  Letters From The Wasteland
Bal-Sagoth:  Behold, The Armies Of War Descend Screaming From The Heavens!  (1999)
Bal-Sagoth:  Callisto Rising
Bal-Sagoth:  Of Carnage And A Gathering Of The Wolves
Bal-Sagoth:  The Empyreal Lexicon
Bal-Sagoth:  The Scourge Of The Fourth Celestial Host
Bal-Sagoth:  The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies Of Mu
Bal-Sagoth:  The Voyagers Beneath The Mare Imbrium
David Bowie:  Something In The Air
David Bowie:  Thursday's Child
Chris Cornell:  Follow My Way
Chris Cornell:  Pillow Of Your Bones
Chris Cornell:  Steel Rain
Crimson Glory:  Edge Of Forever
Crimson Glory:  The Other Side Of Midnight
Crimson Glory:  Touch The Sun
Dali's Dilemma:  Miracles Of Yesteryear
Dream Theater:  Fatal Tragedy
Dream Theater:  The Spirit Carries On
Everlast & Santana:  Put Your Lights On
Michael Harris:  Transmigration Of Souls
Lana Lane & Erik Norlander:  Night Falls
Lana Lane & Erik Norlander:  Queen Of The Ocean
Live:  The Dolphin's Cry
Live:  Run To The Water
Live:  Voodoo Lady
Live:  Where Fishes Go
MullMuzzler:  His Voice
Queensrÿche:  The Right Side Of The Mind
Royal Hunt:  Fear
Royal Hunt:  Follow Me
Royal Hunt:  Lies
Royal Hunt:  Sea Of Time
Special EFX:  Hold On
André Andersen:  Burning Bridges                                         (1998)
André Andersen:  Changing Skin
André Andersen:  In My Arms
André Andersen:  Never Look Back
André Andersen:  1000 Miles Away
André Andersen:  Wings Of Tomorrow
Angra:  Paradise
Arena:  A Crack In The Ice
Arena:  Double Vision
Arena:  The Hanging Tree
Arena:  The Visitor
Bal-Sagoth:  Battle Magic
Bal-Sagoth:  Blood Slakes The Sand At The Circus Maximus
Bal-Sagoth:  Crystal Shards
Bal-Sagoth:  The Dark Liege Of Chaos Is Unleashed At The Ensorcelled Shrine Of A'Zura-Kai
Bal-Sagoth:  Naked Steel (The Warrior's Saga)
Bal-Sagoth:  Return To The Praesidium Of Ys
Bal-Sagoth:  A Tale From The Deep Woods
Bal-Sagoth:  Thwarted By The Dark (Blade Of The Vampyre Hunter)
Bal-Sagoth:  When Rides The Scion Of The Storms
Explorers Club:  Fading Fast
Explorers Club:  Fate Speaks
Explorers Club:  Last Call
Explorers Club:  No Returning
Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke:  Sacrifice
Korn:  Freak On A Leash
Madonna:  Frozen
Manic Street Preachers:  The Everlasting
Massive Attack:  Angel
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant:  Most High
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant:  Shining In The Light
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant:  When The World Was Young
Symphony X:  Church Of The Machine
Symphony X:  In The Dragon's Den
Symphony X:  Lady Of The Snow
Threshold:  Goodbye Mother Earth
Threshold: The Latent Gene
Van Halen:  From Afar
Van Halen:  Once
Van Halen:  Without You
Scott Weiland:  Where's The Man
Zero Hour:  The System Remains
Dream Theater:  Anna Lee                                                    (1997)
Dream Theater:  Hollow Years
Dream Theater:  Lines In The Sand
Dream Theater:  Peruvian Skies
Dream Theater:  Take Away My Pain
Dream Theater:  Trial Of Tears
Faith No More:  Stripsearch
Queensrÿche:  I Will Remember  (Unplugged)
Royal Hunt:  Long Way Home
Royal Hunt:  Message To God
Symphony X:  The Accolade
The Tea Party:  Temptation
Threshold:  Lake Of Despond
Glenn Tipton:  Baptizm Of Fire
Angra:  Carolina IV                                                            (1996)
Angra:  Deep Blue
Angra:  Holy Land
Angra:  Make Believe
Angra:  The Shaman
Angra:  Silence And Distance
Arena:  Empire Of A Thousand Days
Arena:  Fool's Gold
Arena:  Sirens
Bal-Sagoth:  As The Vortex Illumines The Crystalline Walls Of Kor-Avul-Thaa
Bal-Sagoth:  To Dethrone The Witch-Queen Of Mytos K'unn
Bal-Sagoth:  And Lo, When The Imperium Marches Against Gul-Kothoth, Then Dark Sorceries Shall Enshroud ...
Bal-Sagoth:  In The Raven-Haunted Forests Of Darkenhold, Where Shadows Reign And The Hues Of Sunlight ...
Bal-Sagoth:  The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath The Blazon Of The Hyperborean Empire
Bal-Sagoth:  Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule
Bal-Sagoth:  Summoning The Guardians Of The Astral Gate
Nevermore:  The Sorrowed Man
Royal Hunt:  Epilogue
Tipton, Entwistle & Powell:  Crime Of Passion
Tipton, Entwistle & Powell:  Never Say Die
Tipton, Entwistle & Powell:  Searching
Steve Vai:  The Crying Machine
Steve Vai:  There's A Fire In The House
Steve Vai:  Warm Regards
Yes:  Be the One
Alice In Chains:  Brush Away                                             (1995)
Alice In Chains:  Grind
Arena:  Out Of The Wilderness
Arena:  Solomon
Bal-Sagoth:  A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Bal-Sagoth:  Into The Silent Chambers Of The Sapphirean Throne
David Bowie:  I'm Deranged
Dream Theater:  A Change Of Seasons
Extreme:  Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Marillion:  Cannibal Surf Babe
Alanis Morissette:  All I Really Want
Alanis Morissette:  Forgiven
Alanis Morissette:  Head Over Feet
Alanis Morissette:  You Oughta Know
Queen:  Heaven For Everyone
Queen:  It's A Beautiful Day / Postlude
Queen:  Made In Heaven
Queen:  Mother Love
Queen:  Too Much Love Will Kill You
Queen:  A Winter's Tale
Royal Hunt:  Step By Step
Van Halen:  Not Enough
Van Halen:  The Seventh Seal
Jon Anderson:  Under The Sun                                     (1994)
Jeff Buckley:  Hallelujah
Jeff Buckley:  Lilac Wine
Dream Theater:  Innocence Faded
Dream Theater:  Lie
Dream Theater:  Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
Dream Theater:  The Silent Man
Guns N' Roses:  Sympathy For The Devil
Manic Street Preachers:  She Is Suffering
Pendragon:  Fallen Dreams And Angels
Queensrÿche:  Damaged
Queensrÿche:  Lady Jane
Soundgarden:  Black Hole Sun
Traffic:  Holy Ground
Yes:  The Calling
Yes:  I Am Waiting
Yes:  Talk
Coverdale & Page:  Don't Leave Me This Way                (1993)
Coverdale & Page:  Take Me For A Little While
Céline Dion:  The Power Of Love
Pearl Jam:  Go
Robert Plant:  If I Were A Carpenter
Robert Plant:  29 Palms
Psychotic Waltz:  Ashes
Threshold:  Sanity's End
Sort Sol:  Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
Sort Sol:  Written In The Wind
Dream Theater:  Another Day                                      (1992)
Dream Theater:  Surrounded
Extreme:  Am I Ever Gonna Change
Faith No More:  Midlife Crisis
Peter Gabriel:  Blood Of Eden
Manowar:  Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts
Brian May:  Back To The Light
R.E.M.:  Drive
R.E.M.:  Everybody Hurts
R.E.M.:  Man On The Moon
TestAmenT:  Electric Crown
Vangelis:  Conquest Of Paradise
Guns N' Roses:  Civil War                                             (1991)
Guns N' Roses:  Dust N' Bones
Guns N' Roses:  Estranged
Guns N' Roses:  November Rain
Michael Jackson:  Black Or White
Jon & Vangelis:  Wisdom Chain
Metallica:  Enter Sandman
Mike Oldfield:  Heaven's Open
Sort Sol:  Daughter Of Sad
Special EFX:  Quiet Beauty
Zucchero & Paul Young:  Senza Una Donna
House of Lords:  Can't Find My Way Home                           (1990)
Judas Priest:  Battle Hymn
Judas Priest:  Living Bad Dreams
Judas Priest:  Night Crawler
Judas Priest:  Painkiller
Judas Priest:  A Touch Of Evil
Mike Oldfield:  Amarok
Psychotic Waltz:  Another Prophet Song
Psychotic Waltz:  I Remember
Neil Young:  Love And Only Love
Bad English:  Forget Me Not                                                   (1989)
Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas:  Behind The Veil
Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas:  Guitar Shop
Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas:  Savoy
Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas:  Stand On It
Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas:  Two Rivers
Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas:  Where Were You
Alice Cooper:  Poison
Faith No More:  From Out Of Nowhere
Peter Gabriel:  A Different Drum
Peter Gabriel:  The Feeling Begins
Peter Gabriel:  Of These, Hope
Peter Gabriel:  With This Love
Daniel Lanois:  The Maker
Marillion:  The Space...
Neville Brothers:  Yellow Moon
Trevor Rabin:  The Cape
Trevor Rabin:  Cover Up  (Live)
Trevor Rabin:  Eyes Of Love
Trevor Rabin:  I Can't Look Away
Trevor Rabin:  Promises
Trevor Rabin:  Sorrow (Your Heart)
Neil Young:  Rockin' In The Free World
Dead Can Dance:  The Host Of Seraphim                 (1988)
Lita Ford:  Kiss Me Deadly
Judas Priest:  Blood Red Skies
Judas Priest:  Heavy Metal
Judas Priest:  Monsters Of Rock
Moody Blues:  I Know You're Out There Somewhere
Robert Plant:  Heaven Knows
Robert Plant:  Ship Of Fools
R.E.M.:  You Are the Everything
Guns N' Roses:  Sweet Child O' Mine                        (1987)
Heart:  Alone
Manowar:  Defender
Marillion:  The Last Straw
Marillion:  Warm Wet Circles
Mike Oldfield & Bonnie Tyler:  Islands
Mike Oldfield & Anita Hegerland:  North Point
Mike Oldfield & Anita Hegerland:  When The Night's On Fire
U2:  Where The Streets Have No Name
Roger Waters:  The Tide Is Turning

Continued in my next post ....

- Nicky
So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


Quote from: Nicky007 on Mon, 2007-05-21, 18:46:21

But welcome, we're all crazy guys (except me, of course).


Hmm, i don't know. I think i'm pretty sane.

Cause of Injury: Lack of Adhesive Ducks.


Hey, just realised that Train of Thought gotta be on the "sure" list too.

OK, Octavarium, here I come ....


Classic songs continued

Bon Jovi:  Living On A Prayer                                       (1986)
Europe:  The Final Countdown
Judas Priest:  Turbo Lover  (Live)
Metallica:  Master Of Puppets
Queen:  Who Wants To Live Forever
Queensrÿche:  I Dream In Infrared
Queensrÿche:  I Will Remember
Queensrÿche:  Walk In The Shadows
Tangerine Dream:  Dolphin Dance
Tangerine Dream:  Ride On The Ray
Tangerine Dream:  Song Of The Whale
Tangerine Dream:  Underwater Twilight
Eurythmics:  There Must Be An Angel                            (1985)
The Firm:  Satisfaction Guaranteed
Heart:  What About Love
Marillion:  Blue Angel
Marillion:  Childhood's End ?
Marillion:  Lady Nina
Jethro Tull:  European Legacy                                       (1984)
Marillion:  Assassing
Marillion:  Jigsaw
Marillion:  Punch And Judy
Limahl:  The NeverEnding Story
David Bowie:  Cat People                                              (1983)
David Bowie:  China Girl
David Bowie:  Criminal World
Dio:  Holy Diver
Genesis:  Home By The Sea
Jon & Vangelis:  And When The Night Comes
Michael Jackson:  Beat It
Mike Oldfield & Roger Chapman:  Shadow On The Wall
Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly:  Moonlight Shadow
Ozzy Osbourne:  Bark At The Moon
Robert Plant:  Thru' With The Two Step
Yes:  Changes
Yes:  Hearts
Yes:  It Can Happen
Yes:  Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Asia:  Heat Of The Moment                                           (1982)
Chicago:  Hard To Say I'm Sorry
Mike Oldfield:  Mount Teide
Mike Oldfield:  Taurus II
Robert Plant:  Moonlight In Samosa
Robert Plant:  Slow Dancer
Electric Light Orchestra:  The Way Life's Meant To Be      (1981)
Jon & Vangelis:  And When The Night Comes
Jon & Vangelis:  I'll Find My Way Home
Saga:  Wind Him Up
Black Sabbath:  Heaven And Hell                                   (1980)
David Bowie:  Ashes To Ashes
David Bowie:  Scream Like A Baby
City Boy:  Life On The Balcony
City Boy:  Speechless
Dire Straits:  Tunnel Of  Love
Peter Gabriel:  Biko
Genesis:  Behind The Lines
Genesis:  Duchess
Genesis:  Heathaze
Genesis:  Man Of Our Times
Genesis:  Misunderstanding
Mike Oldfield:  Conflict
Mike Oldfield:  QE2
Mike Oldfield:  Sheba
Mike Oldfield:  Taurus 1
Mike Oldfield:  Wonderful Land
Bruce Springsteen:  The River
City Boy:  The Day The Earth Caught Fire                      (1979)
City Boy:  It's Only The End Of The World
Led Zeppelin:  All My Love
Mike Oldfield:  Tubular Bells Live
Pink Floyd:  Another Brick In The Wall
Pink Floyd:  Comfortably Numb
Neil Young:  Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)
Neil Young:  My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)
Neil Young:  Powderfinger
Neil Young:  Thrasher
Kate Bush:  Wuthering Heights                                     (1978)
City Boy:  Cigarettes
City Boy:
City Boy:  Goodbye Laurelie
City Boy:  Raise Your Glass
City Boy:  What A Night
City Boy:  The World Loves A Dancer
Dire Straits:  Down To The Waterline
Dire Straits:  Sultans Of Swing
Genesis:  Undertow
Gerry Rafferty:  Baker Street
Bruce Springsteen:  Because The Night
Styx:  I'm Okay
Van Halen:  Runnin' With The Devil
Yes:  Circus Of Heaven
Yes:  Future Times
David Bowie:  Sound And Vision                                  (1977)
City Boy:  Bordello Night
City Boy:  Dear Jean
City Boy:  The Man Who Ate His Car
City Boy:  One After Two
City Boy:  Young Men Gone West
Electric Light Orchestra:  Big Wheels
Electric Light Orchestra:  It's Over
Electric Light Orchestra:  Night In The City
Electric Light Orchestra:  Standin' In The Rain
Electric Light Orchestra:  Steppin' Out
Electric Light Orchestra:  Sweet Talkin' Woman
Electric Light Orchestra:  Turn To Stone
Yes:  Awaken
Yes:  Going For The One
Yes:  Wonderous Stories
David Bowie:  Station To Station                                    (1976)
David Bowie:  Word On A Wing
Chicago:  If You Leave Me Now
City Boy:  Deadly Delicious
City Boy:  Dinner At The Ritz
City Boy:  5000 Years/Don't Know Can't Tell
City Boy:  The Greatest Story Ever Told
City Boy:  The Hap-Ki-Do Kid
City Boy:  Haymaking Time
City Boy:  Moonlight (Shake My Head And Leave)
City Boy:  Oddball Dance
City Boy:  Sunset Boulevard
Eagles:  Hotel California
Electric Light Orchestra:  Do Ya
Electric Light Orchestra:  Livin' Thing
Electric Light Orchestra:  Rockaria!
Electric Light Orchestra:  Telephone Line
Electric Light Orchestra:  Tightrope
Genesis:  Afterglow
Led Zeppelin:  Nobody's Fault But Mine
10cc:  I'm Mandy Fly Me
Alice Cooper:  Only Women Bleed                                    (1975)
Alice Cooper:  Welcome To My Nightmare
Elton John:  Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Elton John:  Tower Of Babel
Led Zeppelin:  Kashmir
Pink Floyd:  Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Pink Floyd:  Wish You Were Here
Queen:  Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen:  '39
Sparks:  Get In The Swing
Sparks:  Hospitality On Parade
Sparks:  The Lady Is Lingering
Bruce Springsteen:  Born To Run
Supertramp:  Easy Does It
Supertramp:  A Soapbox Opera
Supertramp:  Two Of Us
10cc:  I'm Not In Love
Abba:  Waterloo                                                           (1974)
David Bowie:  Big Brother
David Bowie:  Diamond Dogs
David Bowie:  1984
Electric Light Orchestra:  Can't Get It Out Of My Head
Genesis:  Carpet Crawlers
Genesis:  The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Genesis:  Lilywhite Lilith
George McCrae:  Rock Your Baby
Lynyrd Skynyrd:  Sweet Home Alabama
Queen:  Brighton Rock
Queen:  Father To Son
Queen:  Killer Queen
Slade:  Far Far Away
Sparks:  Amateur Hour
Sparks:  Equator
Sparks:  Hasta Manana, Monsieur
Sparks:  Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
Sparks:  Reinforcements
Sparks:  Thank God It's Not Christmas
Sparks:  This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
Supertramp:  Hide In Your Shell
Traffic:  Love
Yes:  The Gates Of Delirium
Yes:  To Be Over
Genesis:  Firth of Fifth                                                   (1973)
Elton John:  Candle In The Wind
Elton John:  Funeral For A Friend
Elton John:  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Elton John:  I've Seen That Movie Too
Paul McCartney & Wings:  Band On The Run
Pink Floyd:  Money
Pink Floyd:  Time / The Great Gig In The Sky
Rolling Stones:  Angie
Slade:  Merry Xmas Everybody
Sparks:  Girl From Germany
Yes:  The Ancients
Yes:  The Remembering
Yes:  The Revealing Science Of God
Yes:  Ritual
David Bowie:  Starman                                                    (1972)
Alice Cooper:  School's Out
Genesis:  Supper's Ready
Jethro Tull:  Thick As A Brick
Elton John:  Rocket Man
Moody Blues:  I'm Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band
Moody Blues:  Lost In A Lost World
Lou Reed:  Walk on the Wild Side
Uriah Heep:  Easy Livin'
Black Sabbath:  Children Of The Grave                              (1971)
Black Sabbath:  Sweet Leaf
Alice Cooper:  Dead Babies
Alice Cooper:  Desperado
Deep Purple:  Fireball
Genesis:  The Fountain Of Salmacis
Hoola Bandoola Band:  Juanita
Jethro Tull:  Aqualung
Jethro Tull:  Locomotive Breath
Janis Joplin:  Me And Bobby McGee
Janis Joplin:  Move Over
Led Zeppelin:  The Battle Of Evermore
Led Zeppelin:  Black Dog
Led Zeppelin:  Rock And Roll
Led Zeppelin:  Stairway To Heaven
John Lennon:  Imagine
Moody Blues:  One More Time To Live
Moody Blues:  The Story In Your Eyes
Pink Floyd:  Echoes
Pink Floyd:  One Of These Days
The Who:  Baba O'Riley
The Who:  Won't Get Fooled Again
Beatles:  Let It Be                                                               (1970)
Beatles:  The Long And Winding Road
Black Sabbath:  Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath:  Iron Man
Black Sabbath:  Paranoid
Black Sabbath:  War Pigs
Chicago:  25 or 6 to 4
Creedence Clearwater Revival:  Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
Creedence Clearwater Revival:  Up Around The Bend
Creedence Clearwater Revival:  Who'll Stop The Rain
Deep Purple:  Child In Time
Derek and the Dominos:  Layla
Bob Dylan:  The Boxer
Bob Dylan:  Early Mornin' Rain
Bob Dylan:  Let It Be Me
Bob Dylan:  Like a Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan:  The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)
Bob Dylan:  Take a Message to Mary
Free:  All Right Now
Iron Butterfly:  Butterfly Bleu
Iron Butterfly:  Shady Lady
Jimi Hendrix and Band of Gypsys:  Machine Gun
Jimi Hendrix and Band of Gypsys:  Who Knows
Jethro Tull:  Inside
Jethro Tull:  Nothing To Say
Jethro Tull:  Singing All Day
Jethro Tull:  To Cry You A Song
Jethro Tull:  With You There To Help Me
Led Zeppelin:  Celebration Day
Led Zeppelin:  Friends
Led Zeppelin:  Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin:  Since I've Been Loving You
Led Zeppelin:  Tangerine
Rodriguez:  Crucify Your Mind
Rodriguez:  Sugar Man
Santana:  Black Magic Woman
Santana:  Incident at Neshabur
Santana:  Mother's Daughter
Santana:  Oye Como Va
Santana:  Singing Winds, Crying Beasts
Simon & Garfunkel:  The Boxer
Simon & Garfunkel:  Bridge Over Troubled Water
Steppenwolf:  Renegade
Cat Stevens:  Wild World
Neil Young:  After The Gold Rush
Badfinger:  Come And Get It                                          (1969)
Beatles:  Because
Beatles:  Carry That Weight
Beatles:  Come Together
Beatles:  Here Comes The Sun
Beatles:  I Want You
Beatles:  Oh! Darling
Beatles:  She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Beatles:  Something
Beatles:  You Never Give Me Your Money
Blind Faith:  Can't Find My Way Home
Blind Faith:  Had To Cry Today
Blind Faith:  Presence Of The Lord
Blind Faith:  Sea Of Joy
Blind Faith:  Well All Right
Creedence Clearwater Revival:  Bad Moon Rising
Creedence Clearwater Revival:  Cotton Fields
Creedence Clearwater Revival:  Down On The Corner
Creedence Clearwater Revival:  Fortunate Son
Fleetwood Mac:  Albatross
The Hollies:  He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
King Crimson:  The Court Of The Crimson King
Gershon Kingsley:  Popcorn
Led Zeppelin:  Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Led Zeppelin:  Communication Breakdown
Led Zeppelin:  Dazed and Confused
Led Zeppelin:  Good Times Bad Times
Led Zeppelin:  Heartbreaker
Led Zeppelin:  How Many More Times
Led Zeppelin:  The Lemon Song
Led Zeppelin:  Living Loving Maid
Led Zeppelin:  Thank You
Led Zeppelin:  What Is and What Should Never Be
Led Zeppelin:  Whole Lotta Love
Led Zeppelin:  Your Time Is Gonna Come
Procol Harum:  A Salty Dog
Rolling Stones:  Gimmie Shelter
Rolling Stones:  Honky Tonk Women
Santana:  Evil Ways
Santana:  Waiting
Santana:  Shades Of Time
Santana:  Soul Sacrifice
Steppenwolf:  Monster
The Who:  The Acid Queen
The Who:  Amazing Journey
The Who:  Christmas
The Who:  Go To The Mirror!
The Who:  The Hawker
The Who:  I'm Free
The Who:  1921
The Who:  Pinball Wizard
The Who:  We're Not Gonna Take It!
Beatles:  Back In The USSR                                              (1968)
Beatles:  While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Big Brother and the Holding Company:  Piece Of My Heart
Cream:  Crossroads
Cream:  Deserted Cities Of The Heart
Cream:  Pressed Rat And Warthog
Cream:  Spoonful
Cream:  Those Were The Days
Cream:  White Room
Doors:  Hello, I Love You
Doors:  Love Street
Doors:  Not To Touch The Earth
Doors:  Spanish Caravan
Doors:  Summer's Almost Gone
Doors:  The Unknown Soldier
Doors:  Wintertime Love
Doors:  Yes, The River Knows
Jimi Hendrix:  Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
Jimi Hendrix:  Voodoo Chile
Iron Butterfly:  In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Rolling Stones:  Jumpin' Jack Flash
Rolling Stones:  Sympathy For The Devil
Simon & Garfunkel:  Mrs. Robinson
Steppenwolf:  Born To Be Wild
Steppenwolf:  Magic Carpet Ride

Continued in my next post ....

- Nicky
So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


Quote from: Nicky007 on Mon, 2007-05-21, 20:30:27
Hey, just realised that Train of Thought gotta be on the "sure" list too.

OK, Octavarium, here I come ....


Hello Nicky, I see that you finally got the quote thing  ;)

Did you check the EP A Change of Seasons ? A real gem too ...


Quote from: Bupie on Tue, 2007-05-22, 11:05:59
Hello Nicky, I see that you finally got the quote thing  ;)

Yeah, Bupie, I did it for your sake ;)  I just haven't figured out how to draw several quotes that way. Doesn't really matter though.

> Did you check the EP A Change of Seasons ? A real gem too ...

I think I'm more for the later DT albums. I'm real hot on Six Degrees and Train, and I think Octavarium will get there too. When I heard Scenes recently, it didn't grip me nearly as much. Something happened to DT between Scenes and Six that I'm real happy about.

Classic songs continued

Beatles:  All You Need Is Love                            (1967)
Beatles:  It's All Too Much
Beatles:  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Beatles:  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatles:  She's Leaving Home
Beatles:  When I'm Sixty-Four
Beatles:  With A Little Help From My Friends
Country Joe & the Fish:  I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die
Cream:  Strange Brew
Cream:  Sunshine Of Your Love
Cream:  SWLABR
Cream:  Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Cream:  We're Going Wrong
Doors:  Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
Doors:  Break On Through (To The Other Side)
Doors:  The Crystal Ship
Doors:  The End
Doors:  I Looked At You
Doors:  Light My Fire
Doors:  Love Me Two Times
Doors:  My Eyes Have Seen You
Doors:  People Are Strange
Doors:  Strange Days
Doors:  When The Music's Over
Doors:  You're Lost Little Girl
Bob Dylan:  As I Went Out One Morning
Peter Green (with John Mayall):  The Supernatural
Jimi Hendrix:  Foxy Lady
Jimi Hendrix:  Purple Haze
Love:  Alone Again Or
Moody Blues:  Nights In White Satin
Pink Floyd:  Arnold Layne
Procol Harum:  A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Rolling Stones:  Let's Spend The Night Together
Rolling Stones:  Ruby Tuesday
Rolling Stones:  She's A Rainbow
Beach Boys:  Sloop John B                                (1966)
Beatles:  Eleanor Rigby
Beatles:  Good Day Sunshine
Cream:  I Feel Free
Cream:  N.S.U.
Fabulous Four:  Puff, The Magic Dragon
Jimi Hendrix:  Hey Joe
Kinks:  Sunny Afternoon
Lovin' Spoonful:  Summer In The City
Rolling Stones:  Lady Jane
Rolling Stones:  Mother's Little Helper
Rolling Stones:  Paint It, Black
Simon & Garfunkel:  Sounds Of Silence
Simon & Garfunkel:  Scarborough Fair
Beatles:  Dizzy Miss Lizzy                                  (1965)
Beatles:  In My Life
Beatles:  It's Only Love
Beatles:  I've Just Seen A Face
Beatles:  Michelle
Beatles:  Norwegian Wood
Beatles:  Run For Your Life
Beatles:  Think For Yourself
Beatles:  Ticket To Ride
Beatles:  Yesterday
Byrds:  Turn! Turn! Turn!
Bob Dylan:  Desolation Row
Bob Dylan:  Highway 61 Revisited
Bob Dylan:  Like A Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan:  Mr. Tambourine Man
Bob Dylan:  Positively 4th Street
Bob Dylan:  Tombstone Blues
Rolling Stones:  As Tears Go By
Animals:  The House Of The Rising Sun               (1964)
Beatles:  A Hard Day's Night
Bob Dylan:  Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Bob Dylan:  The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
Bob Dylan:  The Times They Are A-Changin'
Bob Dylan:  With God On Our Side
Kinks:  You Really Got Me
Beatles:  Money                                                (1963)
Bob Dylan:  Blowin' In The Wind
Bob Dylan:  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Bob Dylan:  A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Bob Dylan:  Masters Of War
Little Eva:  The Loco-Motion                               (1962)
Everly Brothers:  All I Have To Do Is Dream        (1958)

This list of classic songs is by no means complete. I'm aware that there are many more great songs and pieces.

Now and then I stop in my tracks when I hear a song of ineffable striking beauty, a song that gets stuck in my mind, and that gets my finger stuck on the repeat button. 

It's interesting to see these songs juxtaposed in time.

The list can also be useful for newbies to a group, as these songs are good starters.

You can find my list of "Groups & artists that I want to check out (more)" and Shopping List further down.

- Nicky
So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


Quote from: Nicky007 on Tue, 2007-05-22, 11:18:07When I heard Scenes recently, it didn't grip me nearly as much. Something happened to DT between Scenes and Six that I'm real happy about.

Funny that you mention it!
The first 4 studio albums are different than Scenes indeed, and from Six Degrees up till Octavarium it's also different than both Scenes and the first 4 albums.

Here are some changes that were made during their career:

When Dream And Day Unite Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, James Myung, Kevin Moore and Charlie Dominici

Images And Words Charlie left (fortunately!) Kevin Moore still plays the keyboards and James LaBrie came in.
Awake No drastic changes since I&W, maybe a bit heavier.

Falling Into Infinity Kevin left and is replaced by (in my opinion) the not really interesting Derek Sherinian. He plays a bit like Kevin though.

Scenes From A Memory Derek left and Jordan came in. Something interesting happened. Jordan gave the boys some inspiration it seems. The keyboards become much more important.

Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence Jordan is at home and feels he can do what he wants to. He doesn't sound restricted anymore (it seems). LaBrie starts to sing better!
Train Of Thought No drastic changes since SDOIT, maybe a bit heavier.
Octavarium No drastic changes since SDOIT, maybe just a bit more symphonic.
Systematic Chaos No drastic changes since SDOIT, but again a bit heavier I guess.


Scenes is a great album, and it has everything that we love about heavy metal: power, pulse, melody, top-notch musicianship, interesting lyrics; it's just not that different from several other albums by other excellent metal groups. Somehow the guys (particularly LaBrie), just didn't yet compose and perform with so much conviction as later.

Six Degrees is an absolute adventure, and we have musicianship with a tremendous conviction, backing up an amazingly vital and nuanced LaBrie.

Groups & artists that I want to check out (more)

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Quote from: Nicky007 on Tue, 2007-05-22, 20:02:30
Scenes is a great album, and it has everything that we love about heavy metal: power, pulse, melody, top-notch musicianship, interesting lyrics; it's just not that different from several other albums by other excellent metal groups. Somehow the guys (particularly LaBrie), just didn't yet compose and perform with so much conviction as later.

Six Degrees is an absolute adventure, and we have musicianship with a tremendous conviction, backing up an amazingly vital and nuanced LaBrie.


I beg to differ. SFAM is a concept album and one of the best i might add. It's the follow up, maybe you knew that already but i'll indulge you anyway  ;), to Metropolis pt I on Images And Words. The first intention was to write a song, well epic is a better word, called Metropolis pt II which would have been released on Falling Into Infinity (which would become a double CD). But one of the reasons why that didn't happen was because of the record company. They wanted to see 'Hits'.  ;) That's why they co-writed a song with Desmond Child ( You Not Me). Radio-friendly songs so to say. Kind of hate that point of view from the Record Label 'cos that's why we had to wait a few more years more to finally hear classics as Raise The Knife, a song which was meant to be released on that Double Album.The other reason was that MP and JP weren't convinced about the story of Metropolis pt II so they through everything upon the table and started to rewrite the puzzle. This ended up as Scenes From A Memory. A story about a guy who sees flashbacks of a life he supposed to have led in a former life, only this time as a young girl called Victoria who was in love with the Miracle and The Sleeper.  ;)
And why she was killed by the way. ;)

*And we're so breaking the rules in this sub-forum.
Cause of Injury: Lack of Adhesive Ducks.


I really like this discussion. It shouldn't really matter where it takes place (as long as it's not in a Britney forum), rules don't rule any longer.

It's great being in the company of DT experts, and I'm learning a lot about the group and their music and ideas.

However, there's one thing I'm certain about: Something happened to DT during the making of Six Degrees that raised them to ethereal heights that only Arena have tasted.


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Camber / Dark Angel / Awakening    Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins: Scarcity    Katatonia: Night    Amaseffer: Lions    Tony Banks: Feeling    Mutiny Within: Self-titled    Pretty Maids: Pandemonium / Future World    Day Six: Design    Bad English: Self-titled / Backlash    Hard Rain: Good Times / Commotion    Jim Matheos: Away    Saxon: Sacrifice / Sanctum / Arms    Sonata Arctica: Grays / Silence    The Who: Face / Numbers / Who Are You / Sell Out    Primus: Punchbowl / Naugahyde / Brown    Michael Romeo: Chapter    2wo: Voyeurs    Don Ross: Any Colour    Bigelf: Cheat    U.K.: Self-titled / Danger / Night / Live    Beyond Fear: Self-titled    Tim Ripper Owens: Game    Winters Bane: Heart / Redivivus    Gazpacho: Missa Atropos / Night / Tick Tock    Greyhaven: Self-titled    Linkin Park: Suns    Pearl Jam: Lightning Bolt / Backspacer / Lost Dogs    Aspera: Ripples    Cardiacs: Sing    Michelle Young: Marked    UFO: Strangers    John Petrucci: Animation    John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess: Evening    Jordan Rudess: Home / Wheel    Demons and Wizards: I / Crimson    Pantommind: Lunasense    Section A: Sacrifice / Seventh Sign    Mike Slamer: Nowhere    Amaran's Plight: Voice    Illusion Suite: Final Hour    Steve Howe: Steve Howe Album / Skyline / Motif / Travelling    Paul Gilbert: Yard    Tim Buckley: L.A. / Starsailor / Sefronia / Fool    Erik Norlander: Sunset    Hoola Bandoola Band: 1971-1976    Chris Cornell: Scream    Wolverine: Communication Lost    Oceansize: Frames / Everyone    Primordial: Wilderness / Dead    Black Grape: Straight    Coheed and Cambria: Apollo, Vol. 2    Drugstore Fanatics: Basement    MullMuzzler: Yourself / 2    Tomorrow's Eve: Serpentia    Dredg: Pariah    Sanctuary: Mirror / Mirror Live / Refuge    Slavior: I    Guy Manning: Ten / Matter    Tomorrow's Eve: Creation    Abigail's Ghost: d_letion / Insincerity    Ephrat: Words    Tony Levin & friends: Caves    OSI: Blood    Knight Area: Sign    Serenity: Words    Darkest Hour: Undoing    Suspyre: Time / Divide    Audioslave: I    Magenta: Metamorphosis / Seven    Cat Stevens: Bull / Tillerman    WinterStrain: Sands    Osada Vida: Party    Zee: Identity    Section A: Sign / Sacrifice    Tommy Shaw: Ambition    Van der Graaf Generator: H / Godbluff / Pawn    Tomahawk: Anonymous / Mit Gas    Bob Catley: Legends / Empires    John Macaluso & Union Radio: Waves    Savatage: Streets / Winter    Eyedea & Abilities: E&A    Tribal Tech: Rocket    Dire Straits: Alchemy / Communiqué / Love / Money    Nolan & Wakeman: Hound    Queensrÿche: Cover    Jadis: Photoplay    Spheric Universe Experience: Anima / Torments    Hurt: Vol. II    Karnivool: Themata    Machine Head: Empires    Cryptic Vision: World    Mind's Eye: Hurricane    Credo: Rhetoric    Watchtower: Control    Peach: Birth    Blind Ego: Mirror    Magic Pie: Circus    Beardfish: Void / Sleeping, Pts. 1 & 2    It Bites: Ships    Saga: 10,000    Pathosray: I    Satellite: Night    Ricocher: Heartland    Ray Wilson: Change    Sylvan: Paradise    Karl Anthony: 20 Years Later    Conception: Parallel    Michael Pinnella: Gate    Galahad: Empires    Planet X: Quantum    Rick Wakeman: Journey / Out There    Arlo Guthrie: Alice's Restaurant    Hammers Of Misfortune: Locust    Damian Wilson: Cosmas    Dark Suns: Grave / Existence    Bauhaus: Sky    Wuthering Heights: SALT / Madding    Ozric Tentacles: Floor / Strangeitude    Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes: Live At The Greek    Eagles of Death Metal: Peace    Derek Sherinian: Inertia    Joey Eppard: Future    Whitesnake: Good    John McLaughlin: Floating Point    Allan Holdsworth: Wrong    Pantera: Power Metal    Bryan Beller: View    Type O Negative: Life    Dark Tranquillity: Void    Miseration: Demons    Robert Fripp: Exposure    Roy Harper and Jimmy Page: Jugula    Dio: Dream Evil    Pestilence: Testimony    Isis: Radiant    Jukka Tolonen Band: Paramaribo    Control Denied: Fragile    Masterplan: World    Watain: Darkness    Barren Earth: Red River    Eden's Curse: Second Coming / I    Martin Gore: Counterfeit    Jasun Tipton: Seduction    Grateful Dead: Europe '72    Kingdom Come: Self-titled    Everly Brothers: Best of    Captain Beefheart: Safe As Milk / Trout Mask Replica    Frank Zappa: Apostrophe / Money    Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Flood    Spirit: 12 Dreams    Kaleidoscope: Tangerine Dream    Tribe Of Judah: Exit Elvis    One Sonic Society: One / Sonic / Society    Frederiksen/Phillips: Self-titled    Supertramp: Quietest / Breakfast

I might not always buy the albums listed, but at least this list reminds me of the groups I'd like to pursue further.

Thänx för 'ëm tïps, güÿs

- Nicky
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Oi! I don't agree on a lot of things :o

Peter can talk to you about rules though.

Here's what I have to say ;)
I don't think DT hit their top on 6 degrees, imo their best effort of songwriting and composing was on SfaM, but that's just an opinion.
And I really think there are more bands of DT-allure then just Arena. To me Ayreon, Threshold, Symphony X, Sonata Arctica and many other bands are of the same status :)
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Quote from: Appelmoes?? on Tue, 2007-05-22, 21:31:57
Oi! I don't agree on a lot of things :o

Peter can talk to you about rules though.

Hey Nicky, you're not getting away with it so easy!

My opinion

SfaM was in it's day one of the best albums about and a real cut above the rest of thier output to that point, I can play that album over and over.
Now Six Degrees even better still and definatly thier high point, have to agree there, an utterly majestic album that just sends me off into extacy....not too many full albums do that The only ones I can think off right now would be -

Arena - Contagion & Peppers Ghost
Stranglers - Black & White & Suite XVI
Pink Floyd - DSOTM
Credo - Rhetoric
Threshold - Critical Mass
IQ - Dark Matter & The Seventh House
Pilgrym - Pilgramage
Spock's Beard - Snow
Rush - Moving Pictures
Kino - Picture
Alice in Chains - Jar Of Flies
Iron Maiden - Number Of the Beast
Symphony X - V
Rhapsody - Dawn of Victory
Magazine - Real Life

More than I thought! and for many, varied reasons.


Quote from: Appelmoes?? on Tue, 2007-05-22, 21:31:57
Oi! I don't agree on a lot of things :o

I got a bit exalted there, Appelmoes (I hope you don't think it too intimate that I omit the ??, we know each other quite well now, at least musically). I meant what I wrote, one can hardly exaggerate how good Six Degrees and the following albums by DT are, but of course, I don't want to manipulate: Everyone should find for themselves, which music touches them. As PH said earlier: If you like jazz, then go for it, as long as you f...... turn off that b..... radio. And it of course also depends very much on one's age, which music one goes for. I could be your father, were it not for my good looks (I'm more handsome than your Gelert figure).

So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
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Well, I'm not the one who stands beside everyone with a stick in his hand to smack 'em up, right...

The rule of staying on topic in a thread makes sense, though, if you look at the following scenario: a reader (like many) uses the "unread posts since last visit" funtion to see what's new. Now people post about DT in a thread called "Nicky's faves". Maybe a reader is not so interested in "Nicky's faves", so he dismisses the thread, but might be interested in DT nevertheless and then misses the discussion...

Arriving somewhere, but not here....


Quote from: johninblack on Wed, 2007-05-23, 01:11:14
Hey Nicky, you're not getting away with it so easy!

No, God already told me that, Johninblack.

Checked up your website, saw your photos. You look like some of the guys I drink pints with at the local Diligencen. Maybe you and I can do that one day (after a blowout Arena concert).

I could imagine that Scenes was a bomb when it turned up. (I was into plink-plonk new age music at the time, not enjoying it too much though.)

But as you say, Six Degrees is just simply righton better, let's not mince words. But of course, it's like comparing infinity with more infinity.

Now I'm realising that Train and Octavarium are just as good as Six Degrees, so see you soon at the looney bin. I'll have to leave Systematic Chaos for next life.

I always enjoy reading fave lists by fellow initiates. I noted misses in my collection. How about freshening up your Listening Profile? And keep the groups down to under twenty, else it gets confusing.

Could you tell me (no, us, of course) a bit about Stranglers, Credo, Pilgrym, Rhapsody, and Magazine, as I don't know their music. (I hope that Peter doesn't discover the dissolution of the rules involved here.)

So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


Quote from: Peter on Wed, 2007-05-23, 10:04:31
Well, I'm not the one who stands beside everyone with a stick in his hand to smack 'em up, right...

Pity, I'll have to court someone else now.

> Maybe a reader is not so interested in "Nicky's faves", so he dismisses the thread, but might be interested in DT nevertheless and then misses the discussion...

I would say here (seriously for once) that we don't have more talking going on in this forum presently than we can quite easily read the whole caboodle.

So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


Quote from: Peter on Wed, 2007-05-23, 10:04:31
The rule of staying on topic in a thread makes sense, though, if you look at the following scenario: a reader (like many) uses the "unread posts since last visit" funtion to see what's new. Now people post about DT in a thread called "Nicky's faves". Maybe a reader is not so interested in "Nicky's faves", so he dismisses the thread, but might be interested in DT nevertheless and then misses the discussion...:D

Someone who's not interested in my faves can b..... well stay out of my discussion on DT  ;D

OK, logout and do something else now. You guys really know how to take my time  ;D ;D

So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


Quote from: Nicky007 on Wed, 2007-05-23, 10:19:40
Could you tell me (no, us, of course) a bit about Stranglers, Credo, Pilgrym, Rhapsody, and Magazine, as I don't know their music. (I hope that Peter doesn't discover the dissolution of the rules involved here.)

No problem my friend, however I'll post it in a new post in the 'Off Topic' section. That image of Peter with a big stick is doing strange things to my head!


Nicky is climbing the net forum 8)

Almost 100 now! Go nicky!
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Quote from: Appelmoes?? on Wed, 2007-05-23, 17:36:06
Nicky is climbing the net forum 8)

Almost 100 now! Go nicky!

This is my 100th post, and now I reveal my true identity:


The next person who posts, I will reveal and expose fully.

So, who dares?

So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


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Quote from: Appelmoes?? on Wed, 2007-05-23, 18:40:31
*pick me!!

OK, Appelmoes, I always knew that you were the moes daring member of this forum.

Yes, you tried to shanghai a lady from the States, and it didn't work out, because she didn't like your stewed apples.

You became Christian because your parents couldn't accept your prog interest, and you had only Christ to turn to.

You turned to Threshold because Arena turned their backs on you, and now that you're exposed, Peter will exclude you from The Shattered Room.


So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me