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Gig-Clothes poll

Started by marcello, Mon, 2005-07-18, 22:26:27

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What are Arena's best "Gig-Clothes"?

Rob's Yellow specs
1 (8.3%)
Clive's t-shirt with the lights in it (which he wore on caught in the act)
2 (16.7%)
Rob's Glowing dog collar
2 (16.7%)
Clive's Leather Jacket (fine attire)
6 (50%)
John's Hairdo (does hair count?)
1 (8.3%)

Total Members Voted: 12


I vote for the glowing dog collar. Thats a pretty cool accessory  8) <----- Cool Rob
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OOO! I suppose Hoggie will want a glowing dog collar now! (sighs grindulgently)

Hair does count, very much so in my line of thinking, but it has to be Clive's leather coat, that just has to be the most special item of gig clothing ever!  As I've posted enthusiastically about it before, I had to pick that one.

Makes me wonder whether he gets a bit hot under the collar though!  :D
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I couldn't vote for any of the above.........I particulary liked Ian's camo vest (worn on the contagion tour).........




Clives Coat!
...Although Rob's yellow specs were pretty damn cool!  8)
...Is this just a dream I'm in?

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I've never seen the guys live so i can't vote... Yet... Hopefully I'll see the guys in september!
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None of these... In fact my favourite is Rob's black (with small orange stripes) shirt, which is from an SM-shop.
there's a tiny label on it (only to be seen from first row!) which shows the brand: Spank!  ;D