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Any news onn progress with new album Clive

Started by namister2008, Sat, 2010-01-23, 22:13:30

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Is there any news onn progress with new album Clive (other members though I dont think they bother here) or do we all have to wait in suspense.


Quote from: namister2008 on Sat, 2010-01-23, 22:13:30
(other members though I dont think they bother here)

On the contrary, we do bother but we also know how busy the man and the band is.  ;)

And no news in my book means good news. Progress.  ;)

Edit: Oh eh...

Welcome to the Room, namister.  *ola*
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sorry no rudness meant, I was just wondering.  I have watched this room for at least a year, just my first post.  Sorry if I annoyed anyone.

I meant other members of Arena dont look in other than Clive.


No rudness taken, namister.  :D

You may find that the most of us are pleasant guys (and some girls) who are not easily offended by anything.  ;)

Once again, welcome to the Room.
We are eagerly waiting the new album as well.  :)
Cause of Injury: Lack of Adhesive Ducks.


Though I am not the band  ;), Clive recently confrimed to me that work is in progress. He and Mick have been playing aroud with some ideas. The plan is to have around 7 tracks for The Tinder Box. The way the band are working means they need about 40 strong ideas, sections, riffs, choruses, etc... According to Clive they are approaching that number.
As far as I understood, John Mitchell has not been involved yet, but will be in the near future.  ;D

This is as far a my knowlegde goes, but maybe Clive, Mick or John can inform us on any details. It would be great to see the album getting shape in the coming year on this forum.


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Thanks for the update JJ, sounds tentatively promising, also taking into acocunt Clive's remarks in the Progwereld interview. Fingers crossed that we'll indeed witness the release this year..
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