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Bits of music you want to link together

Started by PH, Thu, 2006-11-30, 11:55:27

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Hi everybody! ;D

As some of you know (or maybe not) I have a keyboard which costed me more than 400 euros. *horns*
And I've decided to actually do something with it.
I started writing some tunes. Some good, some absolutely rubbish.

Anyway, how do all the musicians put their music together... I mean, I have a nice keyboard riff I'd like to use, but I have no idea to link it into something else...
Maybe the key is wrong...
Or I should start with an easier riff.

I'd like to know how some of you experience this.

I have a lot of ideas, but I don't know where to put them... that's a serious problem... :(


Just try things out, dude!  It's best to decide where you want this riff; will it be a verse, a chorus, etc...

I've been writing again recently, and I've had this chord progression.  I sat down with my little SK88 Pro, and imagined playing it properly.  I find that very soon, I came up with the next thing to happen (in the music), and then I had a verse and a chorus. 

When you have something like that, a basic song will have the choruses and verses sounding the same respectively, anyway.  Once you have that you can add variations to these as you play them throughout the song.

Hope this helps. :)
...Is this just a dream I'm in?

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