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Brave (Bleak) new media world

Started by oddball, Sun, 2005-07-24, 17:56:39

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We will see an integration of all known types of media in the near future. All will melt into one. The man of the crowd will no longer be satisfied with any kind of static information. The news have to be interactive.
In former times writing a letter to the editor was the only way a reader of a newspaper or a magazine could react. With the size of computers getting smaller and smaller and with the fact that you can much easier carry them with you, the reaction to any information can happen much more immediate. Wiki pages get more and more important. Wiki pages are web pages which every visitor can edit. So while it will be easier to get yourself heard and to make your opinion known, the validation of the information will be more and more difficult.
Anyone can write anything. You should not believe all that you read nowadays, but in the brave new media world of the near future you will be lucky if you find some information that has a ring of truth to it.
But not only ill-meaning individuals can deceive the reader. Big corporations may find it necessary to meddle with the truth. You could be sure about the political point of view of a newspaper or a TV broadcaster in the old days, now you are confronted with informations from rather anonymous websites. Even if you will find out who owns the site, you will not know who pays the owner.
In the new media world you will be able to get more background information than before, but you must dig deeper and harder. And the most of the people will not put so much effort in it.
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You might want to read up on this thread, most of all the first post with the external link to a flash movie.
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Oddball you paint a very doom  laden picture of the future.  I realise that it's realistic but nevertheless I prefer to hope that with more people having their voices heard or words read, there will be a better chance for minority groups to have their say.

Gutter journalism has always flourished, and with the new opportunities the computerised age brings, no doubt it will continue to do so.  But if we try to muzzle them, won't that be rather hypocritical, since professing to be on the side of freedom of speech, no censorship, etc?

As long as people are willing to read sleaze, it will continue to exist.  All we can try to do is read the sort of publications which we believe in, and leave the sleaze merchants to their own devices.
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