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Âscent, new prog covers band

Started by Highfire, Wed, 2014-08-27, 09:14:11

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Hi there!

We´re a reacently created band in Madrid and we're putting together a set of prog covers...and because I'm a die hard Arena fan I wanna announce that Ascension is gonna be on the set list!!

We're planning to open the show with that song!!! Love Arena, love Contagion, love Ascension...

We have been chosen...


Wishing you the best with your band !


Super, Highfire *horns*

Ascension is also one of my absolute faves of Arena 8)

All the best to you guys :)

- Nicky
So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


Hi Highfire! Welcome back (again)! :)

Good luck with your band. Make sure to post some videos on YouTube!