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Guitars in general

Started by Draco chimera, Tue, 2012-01-31, 22:55:44

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Draco chimera

Lately, I've been seriously considering buying a new electric guitar, and that made me wonder: how many of you play the guitar? (electric or acoustic?) What guitar(s) and amps/accessories do you have? Etc.

I started playing the guitar something like 4 years ago, on a classic Alhambra guitar. I used to take lessons, but I can't have them anymore since I moved on for my studies. I really miss it.

I also have an electric guitar, which I bought several years ago. It is an Epiphone SG G400, faded brown. At first I wanted a Squier, but it was out of stock for some long time at the store which I wanted to purchase from, so I looked for other models. The Epiphone doesn't sound at all like a Squier, but it was fine by me. I do not regret my choice at all, since the guitar has proved to be very good, and it introduced me to Gibson-like sounds, and I think it would have taken more time for me to discover those, had I not purchased this Epiphone. I use an Eagletone amp and a Zoom multi-effects pedal. Both sound great.

So, lately I've been considering buying a new one. As I said, I do not regret my purchase at all, but the Epiphone has a very round, specific sound. I've been wanting to have both sounds available - the round one, and the clear, more Fender-like sound, something a bit more "agressive". Today, I went to the store and tested a Cort Zenox Z42WR. I really liked the way it sounded, crystal clear, plus a very good look and a great playing comfort. The mics are incredibly good, considering the price of the guitar. I also wanted to test the Cort Areo2WP, but they didn't have it. If there is anyone who has an opinion on those guitars - or on Cort in general, any advice is welcome.  :D

What about you?
Let your conscience decide !


I have an acoustic classical guitar. Never took lessons. I play on it every now and then. Trying to figure out nice little loops. After that I play them on my keyboard where I can easily record them.
I always promise myself to write actual songs, but I never get to it. I have a lot of small musical ideas, but can't get any further than that...