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GB date on tour

Started by funkster, Wed, 2011-11-02, 14:11:53

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1 date  ??? Any reason why ?


Some years ago, John Mitchell said that doing gigs in the UK just is'nt economically viable so maybe this is why. I am going to the Leamington Spa gig but its costing me over £100 with travel and a hotel for the night not to mention the gig ticket. I wouldnt miss it for the world though despite being unemployed.

Crazy Diamond

Apparently, Arena will be supported at the Leamington gig by Touchstone and Haken, so should be a great evening.

Crazy Diamond

What a great night at Leamington Spa last night !

Have seen Arena a few times now, but I think this was probably the best so far. The whole band were amazing as usual and it's like JJ has never been away. Paul Manzi is a great find for the band, his vocal suited all the songs they played from the back catologue and his singing on the new material was very powerful. The new stuff seems to have a heavier edge than previously (which I like) and this really suits his style - he also interacts well with the audience, who seem to have already gladly accepted him as Rob Sowdens replacement.

Haken and Touchstone were good and played enjoyable sets, but the atmosphere went up a notch when Arena took to the stage with a noticable increase in the energy level (great opening number from the new album by the way !).

I really hope the new album is a success and it's not too long before they play some more UK gigis.


I totally agree with the above post. It was probably the best i have ever seen them and I have seen them 7 times now. All the guys were on top form and I think Paul Manzi is amazing. He sounds totally different from the past singers but it works and I love the heavier sound. Arena evolve all the time but its still the Arena "wall of sound" that is unmistakable.
I enjoyed the support acts too but Arena were a class above. The sound was better and they were pretty much flawless. You can hear every word Paul sings and his voice is so powerful. He is a real find for the band and great to look at too ;). He really involved the crowd. By the way our singing at the end was appalling!!!!
The set list was perfect and it was good to hear songs that havent been played before or for ages especially Valley Of The Kings.
It was a great night and a fantastic atmosphere.......My hotel was good too!
Please Arena, come back soon!


I am glad you all had a great time and hopefully they will return next year.

Who knows maybe they can fit High Voltage in.