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Arena to Play Summers End Festival in UK

Started by Crazy Diamond, Sun, 2011-03-13, 22:16:49

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Crazy Diamond

First acts for Summers End have been announced...... and guess what ?

From the organisers..

"The Summers End Festival, which will take place at Lydney Town Hall on October 7, 8, 9 2011, is pleased to announce the first two bands to take the stage this year.

We are thrilled that Arena will headline the Saturday night of the Festival. The band will need no introduction to most prog fans, and with Messrs Pointer, Nolan, Mitchell and Salmon now joined by the superb Paul Manzi on lead vocals and a new album in the works, this year will see the band active once more. This will be a rare chance to see the band live in the UK in 2011".