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New Singer.......

Started by johninblack, Sat, 2010-10-23, 09:11:08

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Quote from: Teunis on Wed, 2010-10-27, 21:42:44
Judge for yourself  ;).

So it isn't Brain.  :o

But than again, I quite like his voice.  *horns*
Powerful, melodic. He indeed reminds me of Paul W. from time to time but this dude has more power.

Looking forward to the 13th November!!!!  *horns*
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Quote from: JJ II on Thu, 2010-10-28, 13:44:26
What do you mean by 'deeper': lower, or more intimate?



Quote from: maddox on Thu, 2010-10-28, 14:57:11
So it isn't Brain.  :o

Fortunately not yours, Mad  ;D

Hm, hard to gauge. OWB is not really my style of music  :-\

I would'v liked to see a powerful singer like Alan, Mac, or Damian as frontman for Arena ... but let's give Paul Manzi a solid handshake and bid him welcome as the new singer, and wish all the Arena guys good luck with their work together  :)

I'm also curious to see what Rob will turn up with .....  ;)

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Maybe because on the album it's a different singer?? (being Moon Kinnaird)  :-\


Some background info from Oliver Wakeman's website:

QuotePaul Manzi was born in 1963, London. He bought his first guitar when he was fifteen (A Flying V copy inspired by KK Downing of Judas Priest) and proceeded to play guitar in his school band. Paul's early influences were Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Rush, Queen to name but a few.

Paul found his voice and started singing at age 23 (late starter) and 2 years later joined progressive rock band 'Barchetta'. He gained notable recording experience at Abbey Road Studios, (only because Pete the guitarist worked as an accountant there) and equally notable live experience including playing at the Old Marquee supporting progressive rock band 'Pallas'.

Since then Paul has kept busy doing session vocals and working in various successful cover bands/trios/duos/solo as a singer/guitarist (one has to pay the rent). More recently Paul has performed lead vocals on the soundtrack of 2 rock/pop musicals 'Phantasmagoria' and Space Family Robinson, which was in production in 2003. He is also an aspiring actor, and has performed in theatre and on film.

Paul joined Oliver's band in mid 2004 and has proved himself to be a fantastic frontman. He first performed with the band for their concert at the Classic Rock Society on the 18th September 2004. He has continued to perform with both the band and with Oliver as an acoustic duo. In 2007 Paul got to record with Oliver on the Mother's Ruin ep.

Although Paul's versatility as a musician has enabled him to cross musical styles including soul, jazz, latin, pop and musical theatre, he has now come full circle back to his rock roots.
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Here you can listen to his work with British rockers Raw Glory, four tracks from their album City Life (2007):
We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes..


And his personal official website, although still under construction and not giving any info yet:
We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes..


Seen Paul performing in Rotherham (CRS), he has an excellent voice both soulful and powerful and is an excellent choice for Arena.

The Butterfly Man

After hearing some samples of Paul's voice I'm even more excited to finally see Arena again next month!

Bring it on! *horns*

There will be white clouds beyond the hills...


I love that 'In Control'-track. I can imagine his voice with the 'ever darker direction' towards which Arena is heading...

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Quote from: ironcow2103 on Thu, 2010-10-28, 13:18:53
Obviously Clive has picked the perfect half way house to sing both eras!  :)
I agree with that ! I was wondering how Clive and the band were going to find a singer able to sing closely to Wrightson's style and Rob's one, and it seems they did it !  :)
Welcome to Paul the 2nd, looking forward to hear your voice on stage and on the next album !
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The Fury

Just listened to a piece of the Oliver Wakeman Band starring Paul M. Must say I like
his voice. Reminds me a bit a somebody, but I can't remember who...
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.....and this time, Clive found someone able to sing the melodies.

I'll say no more on this old thread, but I must be allowed a bit of slack, after all this time away!