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Clive interview @ Progwereld

Started by erik, Fri, 2010-03-12, 22:12:27

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There's an interesting interview with Clive about Shadowland and his other activities on the Dutch website Progwereld. For the non-Dutch, the most remarkable bits:

Asked about a new Shadowland studio album:
"I don't know yet. Generally speaking I have a problem with releasing albums. I think cd's are a thing of the past. It costs a lot of time and money to make an album and to find it on the internet two days after it's been released doesn't really motivate me to release cd's. I liked writing and recording our new track Edge Of Night. Maybe that's where our future lies. Make new songs and release those with the previous material. Maybe a combined album with live tracks and some new material."

What can we expect in the near future?
"I'm working on a new Arena album with Mick Pointer. The working title is "Tinder Box", which is also the title of one of the tracks that will be on it. It doesn't progress really fast at the moment, because we're both busy with other projects. [...] And I've already begun writing a new rock opera which will take another three years or so. [...] Not having enough time to write, that's really my only problem".
We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes..