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neoman's "Desert Island Discs"

Started by neoman, Sun, 2009-08-16, 18:47:17

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Ok, so I am exiled to a "desert island" & allowed 10 cds to take with me (& a beautiful woman  ;D)

Here is my list: (in NO particular order)

1) "Dark Side Of The Moon" - Pink Floyd
2) "Misplaced Childhood" - Marillion
3) "The Wake" - IQ
4) "The Visitor" - Arena
5) "Not Of This World" - Pendragon
6) "More Grains Of Sand" - Clepsydra
7) "Mirror Of Insanity" - Red Sand
eight) "Close To The Edge" - Yes
9) "Mad As A Hatter" - Shadowland
10) "Vision" - Martigan

There she is!  :)


I would take Misplaced too for sure ... but I don't know Clepsydra nor Red Sand nor Martigan ! You got me interested.

And what woman would you choose ? I am just curious  ;D