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Started by pedanticmongrel, Sat, 2008-12-06, 03:54:22

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Arena - all albums
Genesis - all albums
Steve Hackett - all albums
Tony Banks - A Curious Feeling
Mike Rutherford - all albums
Phil Collins - all albums
Peter Gabriel - PG1/PG2/PG3/PG4
Yes - all albums
Rick Wakeman - all albums
Coheed & Cambria - all albums
The Alan Parsons Project - all albums
Jade Warrior - Way of the Sun
Return to Forever - all albums
Sky - sky/sky2
Shaun Guerin - all albums
Elton John - all albums up til 1975
Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman - all albums
Pink floyd - Dark Side of the moon/wish you were here/the wall
Jeff Wayne - War of the Worlds/Spartacus
Mike + The Mechanics - all albums
Supertramp - all albums

other bands/artists i like: Asia/Brand X/Chick Corea/Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Faith No More/GTR/Led Zeppelin/Metallica/Mike Oldfield/Muse/Silverchair/Thin Lizzy/Weather Report
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Wew, seeing your list i'm sure that you're huge fans of Genesis, Yes, and of course ArenA. And i'm also sure that you live in UK. Welcome to this forum.

Steve Jones

A fairly definitive list of classic 70s prog, there! 8)  Welcome to the forum *horns*
Regards, Steve Jones

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Draco chimera

Nice list ! Welcome to the room ! *horns*
Let your conscience decide !


Welcome to the Room, Pedant.  *horns* ;)
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Nice list.

welcome from me as well.


Welcome!! :)

And all albums by Rick Wakeman?????
You must be a millionaire...


Welcome to this forum!  *horns*
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