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Started by Iggy, Sun, 2008-04-20, 14:02:54

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Quote from: Bupie on Mon, 2012-10-08, 17:32:11
Hum, actually, I mentioned Paradox in the NP thread at the time ... A good album though, but lacking a few guitar riffs since it is very keyboards driven.

Bupie, Royal Hunt have had a series of great singers: DC Cooper, on Moving Target, Paradox, and Show Me How To Live; John West, on Fear, The Mission, Eyewitness, and Paper Blood; and Mark Boals, on Collision Course, and X. But not only that, they also have had two brilliant guitarists: Jacob Kjaer, on MT, P, F, M, and E; and Marcus Jidell, on PB, CC, and X. Admittedly, Jacob is not so salient on MT and P, but on the following albums he really shines. Also Allan Sørensen on drums is outstanding, and of course, there's il maestro, André Andersen, on keyboards. The bassists arent as noticeable, but they do their stuff superbly.

But the only way you can really resolve this is by getting one of the golden albums: Collision Course, Fear, and The Mission - imo.

CC is arguably their greatest album, iac the busiest, and sharpest lyrically (about the collision of Christianity and Islam thru the ages, as I wrote earlier). Pretty much all the songs on this album are strong.

Fear is about all the fears we experience in life, and the ultimate fear of existence. Has the wonderful Follow Me.

The Mission is based on Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles, and it makes one think about the problems of our civilisation. Also has my fave RH-song Days Of No Trust - whew - and a beautiful Floyd-atmospheric instrumental Dreamline.

Guys, this is one of the greatest rock groups - exciting, melodic, alternately metal heavy and mellow, as prog as Arena and DT (both), sharp and well-written lyrics, great guitar solos and keyboard effects, man, everything a proggie has wet dreams about (and guaranteed nogrowl, Teunis). Do yourself a favor, and get into'm - particularly the three golden albums  :)

- Nicky
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