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"Off Topic"-ness

Started by Peter, Sat, 2007-12-08, 11:15:42

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Hi Folks,

I was wondering for quite some time now if I should really get this message out to you, as it might come across a bit badly or so. It should not. It's just a simple plea:

In serious topics, please stay "On Topic". Example: "The Twilight of the bands".

I know that it's hard to continue the conversation in another topic or in a new one, and to refer to what has been said. Nevertheless, it's even more inappropriate to have chit-chat in a serious topic, don't you think so too?
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I know what you mean, Peter and i agree.

Though meant to be funny, some remarks and 'off-topicness' don't do any good to any topic whatsoever.
Maybe it's an idea to create a chat-topic in the Off topic-board. Whether or not sticky, that's to the board-master but with that we can quote from whatever topic we saw to the chat-topic and reply on it.

And have a chit-chat.  ;D

Anyone with me on that?

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I agree on the serious topics! But I don't mind going a bit off topic in the not so serious topics...



Yeah, I think too that a decent solution is to cut down the chit-chat in serious threads like "Twilight of the bands", and use threads like "How do you feel" for casualness and fun.

What has to be considered though is what I mentioned earlier: That there are periods where virtually nothing happens in the Room, and then some teasing can get the adrenaline going again.

To be more specific, there have been several periods where the conversation has been between Paco and me alone.

Maybe some of you other guys could let your imagination blossom a bit more, and share a bit of what's going on in your life, at least musically. I think it's nice to have some daily chat about something more progressive than Goodnight and Happy Birthday (although these belong in the Room too)  ;)

Cap, I appreciate your democratic attitude  :)

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