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Started by Peter, Thu, 2005-01-13, 23:10:08

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Hi fellow readers,

this forum is intended as a meeting point for fans of the UK band 'ARENA' in special and Rock music in general. We all come here to have a nice time chatting away with like-minded people. As usual, when a number of people come together, there need to be rules, and I want you all to read and heed them:

      1) No advertising or spam.
      2) No posts that are derogatory toward race, gender, sexual preference or religious backround.
      3) No profanity.
      4) No porn, no links to sites containing porn or porn links and no references to porn sites.
      5) No links or references to sites that contain offensive and/or shocking material.

Posts with content that breaks the rules will be deleted without warning or explanation.
Users who break the rules will be banned in the same manner.

      - All messages express the views of the author, and are not and should not be taken as representative of the official policies of the forum or the views of its staff, unless explicitly stated as such by the authoritative members of the staff.

      - This forum requires that all members provide a valid email address. This email address will only be used for user account validation and activities directly related to the features of this community, and will never be given to any third party.

      - All members must refrain from posting links to -- or information regarding how to obtain -- copyrighted or illegal material. Discussion containing information of how to obtain such material, how to bypass protection methodologies of such material, or how to otherwise violate laws pertaining to such matters will not be tolerated, and participating members may be subject to administrative action.

      - All member sigs must be kept brief -- 3 to 4 lines at most. They must also be non-obtrusive, and non-offensive.
      - All members are only allowed to have a single user account with the forums. Members who are found to violate this rule may be subject to immediate banishment or other administrative action.
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