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Started by Carl Essing, Fri, 2007-01-12, 02:42:40

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Carl Essing

What happened to the site?.  It used to be pretty good but this version frankly is not doing it's job. This is a shame as I really think that internet probably is the next best opportuninty (except from live concerts) for alternative "non-radio-old-skool" bands lake Arena to reach and keep the audience upto date. Thera are so many possibilities to explore, and if you do it right make money from. So whats the catch? No money? No ideas? Lack of experience? Bad advisors? With people who got the right entusiasm it really doesn't have to be expensive. Be serious about it and shape it up!! Now It looks, and works like a beginners first attempt to HTML. Personally I would never buy antyhing form a site looking this amateurish. I am not even getting started on the compability issues. Sorry but I am just seeing a missed opportunity here.

Good luck guys!
Regards from a cold Sweden
Carl E.


Actually the site looks fine to me, though it should be updated more often IMO. For example with new albums  8) ;).
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Welcome Carl! ::)

What a first post! :D

I think the website is way better than it was.

Carl Essing

Well thanks!

I am not trying to be rude or anything here, it's just that I seriously think that the Arena site could do the band a small miracle! Maybe I am naive but I think there is a potential audience  that are somewhat scared away by the feel of the tacky internet presence instead of the opposite.
Today we probably never would want to use our credit cards on eBay the way looked and worked way back when it was introduced. But it has evolved.

My humble (hmm) point is that, of course the site looks better than used to if it was existing in a isolated universe where time has stood still. The way commercial websites are progressing it really takes a lot of attention and energy keeping up with how peoples attitudes towards what' s good and reliable, and what's considered tacky an untrustworthy are chaining every day.

Heck, maybe I should do a mock-up Arena-world site just to keep me quiet.   :)

Kind Regards
Carl E.

quote author=PH link=topic=923.msg18887#msg18887 date=1168594831]
Welcome Carl! ::)

What a first post! :D

I think the website is way better than it was.

creme anglais

An interesting point Carl,

of course PH has a valid point also..... and the website HAS evolved, obviously not in the way you would like it too though!
Thinking of other bands of this genre/size what bands websites would you think were a good advertisment for the artists? Can you point us to some websites that you think are more in keeping? It would be interesting to see your thoughts here.

Welcome to the forum BTW!



Hi there, Carl.  ;)

First let me welcome you in the Shattered Room.

Wow, what a statement you have there.  :P
I agree with you that a band's site can be equally or even more important as an album/DVD/whatever, unless of course the band is fully supported by their record company.
For radio-friendly bands/singers it's usually easier to get that support than bands such like Arena, which doesn't mean that the music is far worse than the radio-friendly type. That's what we're here for.  ;)

Personally i think that the site has evolved. I think it's better than the previous one though there still are some flaws in it. The Tour-section still isn't working properly.
There are indeed some band sites that have a better layout with lots of flash-stuff etc. Maybe you're right that the site of Arena is a bit standard but maybe the costs of such a site can be a problem. No IT brains here so i have no idea if it's more expensive or not than a standard one.

Anyways, you're not rude in my view. There's always room for debate here.  ;D

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Quote from: maddox on Fri, 2007-01-12, 20:50:40
Anyways, you're not rude in my view. There's always room for debate here.  ;D

Allways room for debate here. Welcome to our little bit of the WWW. Personally I HATE those bloody flash sites that take ages to load virtually nothing but a picture and simple menu and then don't work. These sites IMO should allways give an HTML option. There are people out there on dial-up and with slow connections that don't want to wait while each flash section loads, however, I have to say a good, quick flash site can be very impressive. It's yet another of those subjective topics we all love to bitch on about!

The Arena site. I like it, the update IMO is an improvment on the old site but agree about the tour should be full of dates!!