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Question for Mick

Started by il76candid, Tue, 2006-08-15, 10:52:11

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Hi Mick,
Something i keep meaning to ask you and keep forgetting about.
I have a Marillion tape pressed i think in the early 80's before the
release of Script - i assume it was a promo and was sent out to record companies etc
It contains just three tracks - He knows you know - Garden Party and Charting the Single.
I believe it was recorded at Roxon Studios in Oxfordshire.
I guess this must be quite collectable now especially to Marillion fans.
Just wanted to know if you are drumming on it ???
Thanks Bob


Hi Mick - just read that you were the founder member of Sillmarillion
so i guess that is you drumming on that tape !
It was amazing to hear those songs as they are very different to the
versions that appeared later on vinyl.
I would be interested to know how many of these tapes were produced though.
Thanks Bob


Hi Bob,

That's right it is me on those recordings.

A guy called Doug Irving and myself formed Silmarillion in 1978 with two other guys (Neil and Martin can't remember the surnames) they left and out of that the band became Marillion when Brian Jellyman and Steve Rothery joined
There is a recording of that line-up somewhere but its long been lost in the depths of time a lot of the "Script" stuff was written on those early recording!

Hope that helped




Thanks Mick - appreciate that.
I'll certainly keep hold of that tape - great stuff !!