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Started by Constable Hogweed, Sun, 2005-01-30, 03:16:22

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Constable Hogweed

Obviously a question for Clive. will we be hearing anything from you guys again? I am playing "Mad As A Hatter" at the moment and enjoying it every bit as much as when i bought it in 1996............Gulp is it really that long ago? Scary! Where did the time go?
Any plans for a follow up Clive?



We always have plans to do stuff... time is the enemy. We have been talking about some more dates, and a live album, which I hope we will do in the not too distant future... fingers crossed!  :)

Constable Hogweed

Cheers for that Clive. I suppose with the ever evolving profile of both "Arena" and "Threshold" it must be more difficult than it was a decade back. I shall keep my fingers crossed.  :)


Good to hear that there're still 'Shadowland' plans. Must admit though that whilst I loved the first 2 albums, 'Hatter' didn't really do it for me, maybe I should blow the dust off it and pay a (re)visit.
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