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Clive bootlegs?

Started by cabo, Sun, 2005-10-23, 21:45:35

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Whats is the bands view on bootlegs? i found one on the net the other day, it's from Karlsruhe Substage.


I'd prefer people bought the official live albums, for the obvious reasons.... but we're not massively worried if people get their hands on audio recordings of gigs of there's no money passing hands. What we very much object to is other people making money out of us illegally!
We don't like people videoing the gigs without permission... that's more of an issue with us.


Seems a reasonable point to me. If a fan already owns anything the band has to offer, why not trade some live recordings with fellow fans...?

In Russia however I found the entire Arena-catalogue on a 'different' label. The copies were very good (including the intere artwork) and in fact the label put an 'officially licensed from Verglas' on the back cover. I know there is no license deal with Russia, so I know these versions are illegal. Nevertheless, I bought one,... for collection purposes ofcourse, since I already have them. ;)

But what is even worse: I found two different versions of an MP3-album in the shops, including all Arena-albums. The price: about 3,5 euro.  :o
Well, that's damaging!!

But back to live-recordings: Clive, would you ever consider offering (older) live recordings for official MP3-download via the Verglas website? I'd be willing to pay for it (if not ridicioulsy priced). Queen offered this option recently, and I think that a very sympathetic way of offering live recordings.


The download suggestion is something we have been thinking about.... I think it could be a good idea.


im buying the entire Arena back-catalogue after the concert i attended .... So check the account ;)