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Paul Wrightson

Started by The Voyager, Tue, 2005-03-08, 07:59:29

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The Voyager

 How can I find some fresh information about former Arena's vocalist Paul Wrightson? Is there any his own website now? Please, let me know.


Paul is fine... I've remained in touch with him over the years. There's a few project ideas we've been kicking around.
He's currently singing in the heavy rock band Ironheart, but I don't think there's a website.


The Voyager

  Clive and Gracchus, I am much obliged to both of you for such information. What about John Carson?


I know John released a solo album as 'John Carson's Hypermania' and had a web site. However, that site has disappeared and now I don't know!

A review of his album can be found here -

...for it is a human number,
It's number is six hundred and sixty six.

The Voyager

Thanks, Mdread666. Some time ago I've read an article concerning "Hypermania" at DPRP. But I couldn't find John's website too.