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Past FC Videos and Grendel

Started by mdread666, Fri, 2006-05-12, 15:22:53

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I was just looking through the Arena biography (pdf from The Cage) and I saw listed some (now deleted) fan club video releases which I never knew existed, namely:-

Open Your Eyes
Story Of My Life

Now what really caught my eye was that on the Lionhearted video it had Grendel listed as an encore!!

So, 2 questions:-

1) - Any chance that these will be made available again, even just as a straight copy to DVDR (like the Cage Unlocked & Never Alone vids)?

2) - Can the Grendel audio track at least be made available to us as a download?
Or perhaps as a special treat it could be on a bonus disc on the Best of Arena CD?
Will the 'Best of ..' release ever happen Clive?

Also, has anyone out there actually got these vids and what are they like?

...for it is a human number,
It's number is six hundred and sixty six.


I think there are some copyright issues here as well, apart from sound-quality. There are some recordings of He Knows You Know as well, but I doubt if these will ever see the light of day. Again, soundquality must be of a minimum level.

I still hope Arena will release a proper archive-series (say one gig of every tour), but the problem is: there's a lot of work going into such a thing and there's really VERY little interest.

The band, however are not AGAINST such a thing, as the inclusion of fan-footage on the most recent DVD proves.

But, as a collector of everything Arena-related, anyone having interesting material is invited to send them to me.


Maybe they'll put it on their 20the anniversary record, or maybe 15the is more near....
They put the old John Carson songs on their 5the anniversary, or maybe Rob sowden will sing them again (together with rest of Arena)
and put it on a anniversary record. Is there any chance Clive, Mick, John, Rob and Ian?
Walk along the Waterfall, watching as the world turns red
Wonder where the river flows, and the blood on the River bed
Poison lies to close to us, Reach across the salt and Sand
Moving Deeper into the Land


As you may have noticed the only songs released on the anniversary disc with Carson were Arena-tracks.
They did HKYK and Afterglow, but copyright reasons prevent them from releasing those.

You have the change to see HKYK in January though, when Mick plays the entire Script-album in Cardiff (if I'm not mistaken). Ian will be on board as well as good ole Nick Barrett.