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5.1 mixes

Started by Moonloop, Wed, 2005-02-23, 13:52:26

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I know there are cost implications, but have the band ever considered doing a 5.1 mix of any of their albums..?? Pepper's Ghost would be the obvious choice with it being the latest. Just curious.  :)
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I really wanted to do a special 5.1 mix of 'Opera', but we ran out of time. It's a different set up to a normal mix, so it would be expensive to do as a one off... but not impossible!


Thanks Clive. It's good to know that it's been considered as these mixes can enhance an album - especially ones where there's alot of detail & complexity. Hope you get around to it sometime soon..!! Cheers.
The brainwashed do not know that they are brainwashed...


This would be a great thing for the future, and it would be great if all the albums could be made into 5.1 mixes or even better in DTS 5.1. I'm a big fan of 5.1 sound, and I find studio albums mixed in this format are a lot better than the live concerts on many occasions. Their have been some great albums bought out in this format, and a really good example is Queens DVD Audio Night at the Opera, which sounds absoloutly awesome in DTS, and as truely bought queen back to life so to speak. The seperation of each individual instrumements is totally staggering.

I was bought up as a kid into the world of HiFi, as I have an older brother who bought an HiFi when I was young, so I spent most of my life listening to music in this way. And as I grew older I have spent thousands of pounds on the stuff over the years, and still do even to this day. Stereo is a really great sound if set up right, it becomes a field when one is centered in the middle of the sound production, and the basis of a good HiFi really is how well it can seperate the individual instruments, and voices within the sound field. These days technologie as grown tremendously with the invetnion of Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS decoders. Years ago you would pay a fortune for a real good HiFi with good seperation, these days the 5.1 system gives you a lot better seperation at a very competative and convieniant price. But please bear in mind this kind of system as to be set up in the right way. Most peeps today seem to buy such stuff, and just shove the speakers anywhere in the room, without giving any thought to positioning them, which is a very important factor. But their again most peeps, are quite content with the tin box sound that comes from their mobile phones.


Quote from: intruder on Sun, 2006-12-03, 11:21:58
But their again most peeps, are quite content with the tin box sound that comes from their mobile phones.

LOL, you're so right :)
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