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cover tunes

Started by kmorse, Fri, 2005-02-04, 16:20:21

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I'm a relatively new Arena listener and have never seen/heard them in concert. Do you ever do covers of other bands' music? I realize you can fill a set list with your own pretty easily so I understand if you can't or don't.

I was kicking around in my head some tunes I'd love to hear you guys cover. I tried to take into consideration Arena's style and especially Rob's voice. I might be off base on some, though. These all betray my age, but they're still classics after all these years:

"Hey You" - Pink Floyd -- Nice and moody.
"Time" - Pink Floyd -- Sound effects and that great guitar solo.
"The Cinema Show" - Genesis  -- Always loved the keyboard work on this one. I'd love to hear Clive's interpretation.
"Child in Time" - Deep Purple -- Another tour de force for the guitar and keyboards.
"Light my Fire"  The Doors -- Maybe a bit whimsical, but this'd be a fun one to hear you guys do, esp to retro organ/bass instrumental. I think Rob could do a great Jim Morrison impression.  :)
"Crossroads" - Cream/Robert Johnson. Clive could take a keyboard break, get a beer while the rest of the band goes into power trio mode. This one would be in honor of the Cream reunion this year.

Well, if you run out of other things to do, maybe this could be the start of a fan club CD. I'd be open to hearing other people's ideas of tunes Arena could cover in an interesting fashion.

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I've benn to three concerts until now, and I never heard them play anything besides their own material. I belive, they wouldn't do it anyway, but I could be wrong....

Good choice of songs, nevertheless. Maybe an interesting idea for the 10th anniversary tour (Yes, another one :D )
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We have done a couple of marillion numbers in the past ('He knows you Know' and 'Grendel'), but we don't tend to do covers nowadays... we have plenty of our own material. However, the suggestions have been noted... :)


'He Knows, You Know' is one of my all-time favorites by the 'ole Marrillis. Too bad I haven't gotten around to be an ARENA fan earlier...
Arriving somewhere, but not here....

Mark Jan

And what about Grendel! One of my Marillion favorites!  :D A very complex song to play it live, and almost twenty minutes of really good stuff! Fortunately Arena also is familiar with songs of those lengths, like Moviedrome, my favorite of Immortal!  ;D

Quote from: Peter on Sat, 2005-02-05, 10:39:13
'He Knows, You Know' is one of my all-time favorites by the 'ole Marrillis. Too bad I haven't gotten around to be an ARENA fan earlier...


I think it'd be very cool if Arena did a cover of Morbid Angel's "Maze of Torment"...


'Ow's 'bout "Supper's Ready" as a quick we've-run-out-of-time encore...?

ALWAYS a hit with the promoters...

Honest....!  ;D
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In fact, they played the first 'Lover's Leap'-part of Suppers on an acoustic fan-gig in Delft a few years ago....

I think it wasn't a proper part on the set but a spontaneous thing...